Mother’s need to know how much you appreciate them and that is why the best Mother’s Day gift is gratitude. How often do you really tell your mom that you are grateful for her?

In over 26 studies by the NIH and major universities, gratitude is shown to strengthen relationships, reduce anxiety, boost the immune system and even help people sleep better.


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As I think back to my own childhood, the one thing I regret now is that I rarely let my mom know that I was grateful for her and all the things she did for us. This is probably the typical kid behavior – self-absorbed, and not realizing how much your mom takes care of you and supports you.

But, I can tell you for sure, that after my mom passed away when I was in my mid 30’s, I wish I had told her.

Today, I am a mom, and even though my kids are grown, it always means the world to me if they call and just say they are thinking about me and that they care.

Here’s a really thoughtful way to show Mom how much you love her and appreciate her this Mother’s Day.

Get a copy of The One Minute Gratitude Journal: For the Moments That Matter, and inside, since there are 52 weeks, you can write one reason you are grateful for her, once a month.

The One Minute Gratitude Journal

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Can you imagine how much she will feel loved? The One Minute Gratitude Journal will be a treasure she will always keep and remember. And who knows, she may begin writing the things she is grateful for about you too.

Every time anyone takes just a minute to be grateful for anyone and anything in their lives, the whole central nervous system calms, and science shows how good gratitude is for you heart!

So, on Mother’s Day the best Mother’s Day gift is gratitude! Imagine the smile on her face and love in her heart! (And yours too by the way)!

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