Many more colleges and universities are offering no or low cost tuition these days, therefore our friends at has recently released their list of Tuition-Free Colleges and Universities 2019.

This list outlines the best free institutions of higher education in the country that also provide outstanding degree and certificate programs.

Some students simply do not have the financial capabilities to attend college, but this does not mean that they cannot go to a fabulous college or university for free! There are numerous pathways through which students can complete their degree without spending a dime, which may include a combination of work-study programs and scholarship opportunities.

Students with the drive, ambition, and intelligence to represent their school well should consider one of these incredibly prestigious schools.

Each one of these schools provides a unique and worthwhile approach to their free education opportunities. Some schools require students to complete manual labor hours in construction or farm work, most require maintaining an outstanding grade point average, and nearly all are supported by generous scholarships and grants from various entities or individuals in the surrounding state.

Some schools also set students up with laptop computers and other such amenities along with free tuition. This is one of the many reasons they are on the list of the best tuition free colleges and universities 2019.

According to lead researcher and writer, Rowan Jones, “These free online schools provide incredible experiences for undergraduate students. Students will find programs for musicians, engineers, Christians, vets, and more!”

Below we have listed the schools that have made the Best Tuition Free Colleges and Universities 2019:

Barclay College – Haviland, KS

Berea College – Berea, KY

Alice Lloyd College – Pippa Passes, KY

College of the Ozarks – Point Outlook, MO

Webb Institute – Glen Cove, NY

Deep Springs College – Deep Springs, CA

Warren Wilson College – Swannanoa, NC

Curtis Institute of Music – Philadelphia, PA

Macaulay Honors College – New York City, NY

University of the People – Pasadena, CA

Haskell Indian Nations University – Lawrence, KS

Blackburn College – Carlinville, IL

Central Christian College of the Bible – Moberly, MO

Williamson College of the Trades – Media, PA

City College of San Francisco – San Francisco, CA

St. Louis Christian College – Florissant, MO

United States Air Force Academy – El Paso County, CO

United States Coast Guard Academy – New London, CT

United States Military Academy – West Point, NY

United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, MD

These Best Tuition Free Colleges and Universities 2019 were chosen for several key factors, such as free tuition or low-cost tuition expense to the student, funded internships or study abroad programs, free housing, free insurance, job placement opportunities, and more, all of which can be found under the methodology section of the article. is an online web publication that is committed to enhancing the information available to students when choosing an academic institution. collects the most critical and relevant data about colleges, universities, and campus facilities from various highly respected sources and offer them in a simple format that is easy to understand.

Rowan Jones is a researcher and writer for and you can find out more about each university here.

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