I remember being a starving student when I took the GRE and what a stretch it was to pay the hefty fees associated with it.

So here’s some good news. The GRE is more affordable with the three changes in the Fee Reduction Program beginning July 1, 2019!

The ETS (Educational Testing Service) provides the GRE Fee Reduction Program to help ensure that the cost of taking a GRE test is not a barrier to graduate study. This levels the playing field for all students.

GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers are available for individuals who can demonstrate financial need and it makes the GRE more affordable.

You can also receive a voucher is your are unemployed and receiving unemployment compensation, and for national programs that work with underrepresented groups and low-income or first-generation college students.

Voucher users pay 50 percent of the regular test fee.

“Since 2013, nonprofit ETS has provided more than 28,000 vouchers to eligible test takers as part of our mission to advance equity in education,” said David Payne, ETS Vice President and COO of Global Education.

“These newest changes make fee reduction vouchers available through more organizations that serve underrepresented groups and to international students with financial need.

And now, all test takers who receive a voucher will also receive free access to our test prep products that best simulate the actual test-day experience.”

Changes to the fee reduction program include free access — for test takers who receive a voucher for the GRE® General Test — to two POWERPREP PLUS®

Online practice tests and the ScoreItNow!™ Online Writing Practice (valued at $100). The two POWERPREP PLUSOnline practice tests (valued at $40 each) provide test takers the experience of taking the real, computer-delivered GRE General Test.

The practice tests are timed and enable users to try out features and tools that will be available during the actual test.

Furthermore, test takers with disabilities and health-related needs can familiarize themselves with the same industry-leading accommodations that are offered in the actual test. The ScoreItNow! Online Writing Practice (valued at $20) is a web-based service through which test takers can submit responses on up to eight essay topics and get immediate scores and feedback.

In addition, ETS is providing vouchers to the Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT), the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) and the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS®).

This brings the total number of national programs that receive GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers to 10. To see the full list of participating national programs, visit www.ets.org/gre/grefeereduction.

Lastly, ETS is providing GRE Fee Reduction Vouchers to the EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program for distribution to eligible test takers outside of the United States who have financial need. I sure wish they had made the GRE more affordable when I was taking it!

This program assists qualified students in the EducationUSA network who are likely to be awarded full financial aid from U.S. colleges and universities, but who lack financial resources to cover the up-front costs to apply, such as testing, application fees or airfare.

To learn more about the GRE Fee Reduction Program, visit ets.org/gre/grefeereduction.

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