The Kindness Campaign is on a mission to create societal change by teaching emotional awareness, empathy, community building, and most importantly, the development of a healthy self-image.

It is aimed at helping students in grades 5 and above and is a Texas-based non profit.

Our Parent and Teacher Choice team at knows, just as we all do, that bullying, loneliness, and isolation exist and instead of allowing these states to go unchecked, The Kindness Campaign provides positive and accessible tools that promote emotional health.

The campaign runs from August 2nd until September 4th, 2019 and you can find out more on their website here.

All The Kindness Campaign curriculum and programming is based on a core message: I AM ENOUGH.

This is the heart and soul of TKC and expresses its approach to emotional health.

TKC started in five elementary schools in Texas, quickly grew to 80, and is now expanding to schools nationwide.

Everyone needs kindness.

Together, we are growing this vital resource.

Texas-based nonprofit The Kindness Campaign, whose SEL curriculum currently serves 40,000+ children in 82 elementary schools, is helping fifth graders and beyond with the I AM ENOUGH Petite Planner by Erin Condren brand. .

I AM ENOUGH Petite Planner is an interactive, creative journal that engages the reader with a series of prompts and questions, deepening their self-awareness and emotional literacy along the way.

In an age of inspirational memes, quotes, and message, this journal helps young people generate their own empowering messages, taking the concepts of emotional health and making them powerfully relevant to their own lives.

The Kindness Campaign’s groundbreaking curriculum is based on four core pillars: self-image, emotional awareness, empathy, and community.

With the I AM ENOUGH Petite Planner, Erin Condren made it possible for the nonprofit to not only have the opportunity to package its curriculum in a gorgeous commercial product, but also to provide it for 6,700 fifth graders.

As a result of this purposeful partnership, Erin Condren is generously printing copies for students currently involved in the TKC program as well as co-sponsoring a national kindness social challenge.

The Erin Condren brand, known as the leader in colorful and customized organization and best-selling planners that help customers with time management and productivity, is committed to philanthropy.

The lifestyle brand is known to partner with groups such as Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and Breast Cancer Research Foundation, among others, making their partnership with The Kindness Campaign a natural fit.

Selling over 2 million of the brands signature product, the LifePlanner™, and a social media community of one and a half million combined followers, Erin Condren not only inspires its community through whimsical, stunning design, but also by being a brand with heart that does its part to make a positive impact.

The Kindness Campaign has a vision vision to help every individual know that they are strong, brave, and enough. Learn more at, or follow @tkckindness.


In an age where technology and social media have infiltrated every aspect of life, Erin Condren took a chance on paper products to make every day just a bit more organized, stylish, and colorful.

She founded her company in 2005, printing personalized note cards for friends and family from her children’s playroom. Since then, her company has evolved into so much more than just stationery, with a collection of lifestyle and organizational products for all ages and styles being printed & shipped out daily from her state-of-the-art fulfillment center in Austin, Texas.

The lifestyle brand has a strong, devoted community, a creative team based in Los Angeles, four retail locations, and plans for continued growth, with over 2 million customers worldwide using an Erin Condren LifePlanner™ to get organized and achieve their goals.

Featured on Good Morning America, Forbes, Today Show, Ellen, NY Times, and so many other outlets, the brand has an incredibly loyal following with over 1.5 million followers on social media as well as active partnerships with brands like Amazon, Oh Joy! and Joss & Main to name a few. Erin & her company embody the sentiment: “do more than just schedule each day, celebrate each day,” creating fun and functional organizational essentials that help customers do just that.

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