College is difficult.

It requires hard work, plenty of studying, and lots of homework. I

t’s easy to overlook this part of the college experience when it’s excluded from college brochures and movies about college life.

Yet, it’s a certainty that in order to graduate, students will need to spend tons of time studying outside of class.

However, even in college, homework isn’t standardized, and there are different homework expectations at each college. The reality is that students attending one college may have more homework, on average, than students attending another college.

At all levels of schooling, there’s debate over whether schools are assigning too much homework. While some argue that homework supports student learning and achievement, others argue that more homework doesn’t necessarily lead to more learning.

Are you wondering if you’re attending one of the schools that assigns the most homework? Learn which colleges have the most homework, how homework could relate to career success, and what to do if you’re struggling with homework.

Which Colleges Assign the Most Homework?

To understand which colleges are assigning the most homework, Princeton Review surveyed students across the country. Here are the top 20 schools where students are studying the most, along with their acceptance rates and the early career salary of graduates.

California Institute of Technology, CA
Acceptance rate: 7%
Starting salary: $89,900

Williams College, MA
Acceptance rate: 13%
Starting salary: $68,500

Reed College, OR
Acceptance Rate: 35%
Starting Salary: $58,300

Olin College of Engineering, MA
Acceptance Rate: 16%
Starting Salary: $83,345

College of Wooster, OH
Acceptance Rate: 54%
Starting Salary: $51,600

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, IN
Acceptance Rate: 61%
Starting Salary: $76,200

College of the Atlantic, ME
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Starting Salary: $24,600

Harvey Mudd College, CA
Acceptance Rate: 14%
Starting Salary: $90,700

Webb Institute, NY
Acceptance Rate: 32%
Starting Salary: $80,900

U.S. Military Academy, NY
Acceptance Rate: 10%
Starting Salary: $83,500

Brown University, RI
Acceptance Rate: 8%
Starting Salary: $69,300

St. John’s College, NM
Acceptance Rate: 65%
Starting Salary: $58,200

Lehigh University, PA
Acceptance Rate: 22%
Starting Salary: $70,500

Gettysburg College, PA
Acceptance Rate: 45%
Starting Salary: $59,300

Wellesley College, MA
Acceptance Rate: 20%
Starting Salary: $60,500

Grinnell College, IA
Acceptance Rate: 24%
Starting Salary: $56,300

St. John’s College, MD
Acceptance Rate: 55%
Starting Salary: $53,500

Cooper Union, NY
Acceptance Rate: 13%
Starting Salary: $71,600

Hillsdale College, MI
Acceptance Rate: 36%
Starting Salary: $42,650

Bowdoin College, ME
Acceptance Rate: 10%
Starting Salary:$63,500

Does More Homework Lead to Career Success?

Among these top 20 colleges that have the most homework, the average early career salary is $65,645.

Comparatively, the average early career salary of those who attended the 20 colleges with the least homework is $51,920. That’s $13,725 less!

There are certainly other factors contributing to the earnings disparity between colleges that assign a lot of homework and ones that don’t. However, with the potential for a 26 percent salary increase, it may be worth it to attend a college with hard-working students.

How Can Students Get Help with their Homework?

For many students, it may not be the quantity of homework that’s challenging; it’s the difficulty.

While weekly tutoring sessions can be a helpful way to support learning, online platforms such as OneClass’ 24/7 Homework Help can provide the type of academic support that helps students achieve their goals.

To ask a question, students simply snap a photo of the homework problem that they’re struggling with. Tutors will reply by sending a step-by-step detailed solution. The team of knowledgeable experts typically replies within 12 hours, and you’re guaranteed to receive a reply within 24 hours.

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