Struggling with homework can have a wide-reaching ripple effect and grades can start to slip so understanding how to get homework help will boost your confidence and your grades. 

how to get homework help

Luckily, there’s no shortage of resources that can help students learn.

Rather than facing the homework frustration of “not getting it,” students can use these four options for getting homework help.

  1. Use a Homework Help App

With today’s online tools, students have seemingly endless knowledge and resources at their fingertips. In particular, apps such as OneClass’ 24/7 Homework Help provide around-the-clock academic support from subject matter experts.

A student in high school or college courses can simply enter the question in the online form, and online tutors will get to work preparing a detailed, step-by-step solution. It really is that easy!

Because OneClass tutors customize each solution, students have the advantage of specifying specific methods or teacher preferences so that the homework answer matches what’s being taught in the classroom.

For example, if your mathematics or chemistry homework needs to be solved using a certain formula, OneClass’ subject matter experts will prepare their solutions accordingly.

It’s easy to assume that a Google search could be just as effective at solving homework questions. However, it’s common to run into misinformation online, especially in forums such as Quora or Yahoo Answers.

Users on these platforms aren’t vetted for their subject matter knowledge, and inaccuracies could be detrimental to students, causing them to fall further behind.

However, with an app such as 24/7 Homework Help, students can depend upon detailed homework answers to stay on top of their coursework. The first question is free, and the publicly available knowledge base is an invaluable way for students to learn from each other’s questions.

  1. Ask a Classmate

Students don’t have to face a difficult homework assignment alone. When classmates work together, they may find that their combined knowledge can help one another.

This can be as informal as texting with a friend while you’re working on your assignment. In other cases, a group of students can work together by forming a study group.

Especially in fast-paced classes, getting support from a classmate can help you stay on top of assignments and class materials. Moreover, it establishes an ongoing relationship so that you’ll have an obvious study buddy when it’s time to prepare for exams.

  1. Talk to Your Professor

For students who are struggling with their assignments, talking directly to a teacher can help resolve unanswered questions about the material.

Your teachers want to help you succeed, and they may have insight into exactly why you’re struggling with a concept.

They may also be able to identify additional resources that can help improve your understanding.

For example, a YouTube video may provide a visual explanation, a teaching assistant may be able to help during open office hours, or there could be an on-campus learning lab with an applicable program.

Asking your professor for homework help can have the additional effect of shedding light that several students in the class could be struggling with a specific topic.

If a specific homework question is causing widespread challenges, the teacher may initiate an in-class review so that all students can get up to speed.

  1. Hire a Tutor

Working one-on-one with a tutor can be a helpful long-term strategy for academic success.

Whereas a classroom setting caters to the group as a whole, individual tutors can help a student work through specific questions.

Typically, tutoring sessions occur at regularly scheduled appointments on a schedule of once or twice per week.

The challenge comes when a student needs homework help before class the next day.

Some tutors may be able to provide the availability of responding to homework questions on any day at any time. However, many students find it helpful to combine one-on-one tutoring with on-demand online resources.

Through this pairing, a long-term tutor can support the learning trajectory, while a homework help app can help students avoid showing up to class with unanswered homework questions.

5. Take Specific Courses Online

There are many online course sites that offer courses to help you succeed. Check out high quality sites like Creative Live and see which courses suit you best!

Jack Tai is the CEO and Co-founder of OneClass. Visit the site to find out more about how this online tool has helped 90% of users improve by a letter grade.


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