free and fun learning resources during coronavirus

While you and your kids are at home, it can be challenging to find things to do for the whole family.

Plus, whatever you’re doing, it’s great if it’s free too!

You’ll want to make sure that kids are not bored and still actively learning since they are out of school.

And, you want your family interactions to be meaningful!

At we want to make sure that both you and your kids have free and fun Learning resources during coronavirus.

This includes things for mom and dad like free live operas from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, virtual field trips the whole family can take, trips to museums around the world, as well as cool online learning resources for your kids!

Here’s a list which we will update for you!

  1. Personalize every learning experience with your best learning style, and take the Free Learning Styles Quiz here.   

2.FREE Virtual Field Trips You and Your Family Will Love!3. Here are 20 free online learning resources you’ll love

3. Companies providing free online subscriptions

4. Music Education 

5. 101 fun things to do to keep your kids busy while they are at home

6. 7 Things to Do to Improve Your Memory

7. Metropolitan Opera Steams FREE operas starting March 16th

I’ll continue to make sure it’s easy for your to find more free resources and fun things to do while your kids are at home!

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Wyman wants to ensure that every family has access to Free and Fun Learning Resources During Coronavirus so check back often!