Adventure Ted Challenge 2020

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Helping kids to overcome challenges, The Childhood Cancer Society is partnering with Adventure Ted from Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park, and families are invited to join their #AdventureTedChallenge2020.

Centered around the book’s hero, Adventure Ted is a brand of positivity created to help people overcome challenges.

Starting on April 27th, you and your child can enter to win $1,000’s of Amazon Gift Cards at Adventure Ted Challenge 2020.

Everyday you’ll be tasked with a daily Adventure Ted Challenges at #AdventureTedChallenge2020.

The more activities you complete the more points you get! The challenge will raise awareness & funds (to purchase items like friendly and medically effective protective masks, etc.) for children with cancer, through our charitable partner Childhood Cancer Society.

Anyone who has a child in K-5 (an Adventurer) is welcome to participate in the Adventure Ted Challenge 2020 challenge.

We are sending complimentary books directly to the first 2020 families that follow both of our Facebook Pages, private message us a shipping address (must be in the US), and an email address.

Below are the details of The Challenge and the Adventure Card (with points assigned to each daily task). We look forward to the adventures beginning on the 27th. Let the games begin!

In the spirit of this philosophy, children can add a little adventure to their day, seamlessly raise funds to provide children with cancer PPE items, while also competing for the prospect of winning $1,000s in prizes now through June 6, 2020.

Adventure Ted is a hero who helps children & their families overcome challenges through imagination and of course adventure! Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park is a comic book series, and this book, is about Timmy, who on a stormy night awaits an important doctor’s appointment the next day.

But things don’t go as expected until Timmy meets up with a mysterious hero named Ted.

Join in and help the Childhood Cancer Society! Head over to the Adventure Ted Challenge 2020 #AdventureTedChallenge2020.


Pat Wyman, CEO,