3 best ways online learning courses can change your life

There is no shortage of courses you can take online.

From music production to financial management to starting your own business, there is a digital course for everything.

But oftentimes, many of these courses, and what you learn in school, college and in the workplace, all focus on what to learn.

And because of that, nearly 97% of learners, never finish these courses.

Most don’t show you “how to learn”. And many of them are not personalized to how you learn best.

Fortunately, online courses like Total Recall Learning™ exist to address this specific need.

This type of course is different because it equips you with all the tools and strategies you need to go from reading a book in a month, to a book a week, and finally to learn how to read and comprehend a book in day.

It gives you world champion memory techniques and the learning techniques that will give you a competitive advantage in school or the workplace, plus it does so while personalizing the course to you!

Let’s take a look at the 3 best ways online courses can change your life!

3 Best Ways Online Courses Can Change Your Life

1. Online Learning Courses That Teach You How to Learn Give You a Strong Foundation to Learn, Remember and Apply all New Information

3 best ways online learning courses can change your life

School gives you a syllabus, a group of recommended texts, loads of assignments, and tests how much of the knowledge you’ve been able to retain and apply.

However, it does not spend nearly as much time, if at all, teaching you how to learn.

This means that students are already at an uneven starting point and results are hit and miss since they have no real structured “how to learn” system.

It also explains why the same students sitting in the same classrooms with the same access to classes and resources perform differently academically.

Some students inherently possess or have discovered learning strategies which help them optimize their studying to boost up their grades.

When students fall behind, even though they did the same work as their peers, it is not because they aren’t intelligent, but that they are simply unaware of the learning strategies they need.

As the saying goes – there is no such thing as a “bad learner” just an untrained one.

Learners without ‘how to learn’ strategies may might end up thinking that you just aren’t good enough compared to your classmates or colleagues.

But this simply isn’t true.

You only lack the foundation and the tools you need to navigate learning.

It’s like asking someone to hike up a mountain, but without giving them a map, gear, and basic training of what they need to do.

Obviously, this makes the task unnecessarily harder, stressful and demotivating, right?

This is where online courses like Total Recall Learning™ come in.

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Packed with neuroscience-backed and time-tested learning strategies, you get to discover critical skills you won’t be taught in school.

These include doubling your reading speed, enhancing your memory, sharpening your focus and motivation, overcoming test-taking jitters, mastering vocabulary – and more!

With all these strategies under your belt, learning, not just in school but throughout life, becomes an engaging, fun and stimulating experience, instead of a stress-inducing nightmare.

Total Recall Learning™ provides you not just with these strategies and tools, but also a blueprint you can pull out whenever you’re learning something new to guide you and help you master it in a jiffy.

2. Online Learning Courses Have Lifelong Applicability

3 best ways online learning courses can change your lifeAs I mentioned, learning doesn’t just stop at school.

In the next couple of years, an estimated 60% of the workforce may have to reskill or upskill, or train from scratch for jobs which don’t even exist yet.

This does not mean what you learn in school is going to go to waste, because knowledge in all shape and form is priceless.

It does mean, however, that in order to keep up and get ahead in the dynamic knowledge-based economy and workforce characteristic of the 4th Industrial Revolution, you’re going to need to learn how to learn anything faster.

There aren’t many classes you can take on this in college or seminars to sign up for at work, teaching you exactly what to do when you need to quickly master a new or upgraded set of skills.

The right online course, however, is accessible to all, and the best part is, the strategies you receive are applicable throughout life, at every stage where you need to learn something new quickly.

This type of knowledge is irreplaceable and invaluable, since it forms the foundation of any learning you undertake.

Possessing these tools and knowing how to use them gives you the confidence that you are ready to succeed even before undertaking a new challenge!

In times of rapid change and uncertainty, which might shake up the foundation you’ve built your studies and career on, and replace it with the certainty that you learned about in your online course, so you know you can learn anything faster and more effectively, no matter what the environment.

3. Online Learning Courses Help You Unlock Your Potential

3 best ways online learning courses can change your life3 best ways online learning courses can change your lifeSchool is a one-size-fits-all model, and despite the critical role it plays in raising an informed and educated society, it does have its flaws as well.

One of them is the standardized approach of using the same lessons and resources to teach a group of different individuals and personalities in the same way.

I spoke earlier about why students within the same classroom environment perform differently in academic terms because they don’t possess the right strategies.

Another reason why students who regularly attend the same classes, do the same reading and write the same assessments perform differently is because everyone has their own learning style.

You can take the FREE Learning Styles Quiz right here to find out how you prefer to learn best.

If you discover you are a visual learner, you might find it easier to learn in a school environment because the school environment caters to visual learner traits.

You will be processing text and sitting for written exams fall all within the requirements that school already has.

Auditory and kinesthetic learners may struggle a bit, not because they aren’t intelligent but because how they learn best and how they are taught and tested does not align with their preferred learning styles.

Online courses like Total Recall Learning™ helps all learners not just discover what their learning styles are, but how leverage them to their advantage.

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This way, they determine not just their own unique combination of learning styles, but also which tools and strategies they need to make the best of their abilities.

This involves strategies which play up to the strengths of their dominant learning styles, as well as adopting some visual learning style strategies to succeed in more static learning environments like school.

By knowing what works and what doesn’t for you, you are able to apply the right strategies in any new learning context with full confidence in yourself and your successful outcome.

The right online course can make all the difference in your life.

Now that you know about the 3 best ways online learning courses can change your life for the better, are you ready to try all of them out for yourself?

pat wymanPat Wyman is a learning expert, university instructor, best-selling author and the CEO of HowtoLearn.com. She invites you to take the free Learning Styles Quiz on the home page.

Her courses, Total Recall Learning for Students, Total Recall Learning for ProfessionalsTotal Recall Speed Readingand Total Recall Memory have benefited over half a million learners with higher grades, increased productivity and the ability to know how to read faster, learn and remember anything.

She’s worked with people in such corporations as Microsoft, Raychem and Sandvine and has won several life-time achievement awards for her work. Pat is a mom, golden retriever lover and big time San Francisco Giants fan! Come on by if you’re ever at a Giant’s game and she’ll welcome you with open arms.

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