Benefits of Reading Online Programs Post-COVID

Benefits of Reading Online Programs Post-COVID

A few schools across the countries have opened up on a limited basis, but most of the nation is operating online. There are a variety of tools available that are making the process easier for parents, students, and educators during this dynamic situation.

Using a reading online program to boost your child’s regular reading lessons is an easy way to provide additional educational support – with or without social distancing measures in place.

Take a look at some of the benefits learning with a reading online program can provide now and in a post-COVID landscape.

Improved Interest and Motivation

When it comes to independent or distance learning, motivation is everything. There are no teachers or proctors to keep your child on task, so they need to WANT to learn.

Maintaining a desire to gain progress in their studies is a major motivator for most children, especially when it comes to succeeding academically. Even as they get older, engagement is one of the primary factors that can determine the efficacy of an educational program or platform.

Technology appeals to the younger demographic while also giving parents maximum control over what their children are learning, and the media they’re consuming. Increased investment is proven to improve reading comprehension and overall understanding.

Using interactive media animations to guide the reader through the story turns a reading lesson into a game. Plus, reading activity tracking motivates the reader with checkpoints, alerts, and progress awards.

Benefits of Reading Online Programs Post-COVID

Build a Regular Routine

Children readily benefit from a sense of stability, and COVID-19 has disrupted the American way of life like never before. For families that are trying to rebuild the structure the classroom provides, reading apps are a great hybrid solution.

Studies have shown that maintaining a regular schedule is one of the key indicators of a successful online or distance learning program. Communication is also a primary factor, particularly between parents and educators regarding the child’s active progress.

Lesson checkpoints and AI-based tracking creates a regular schedule that aligns with the user’s unique reading benchmarks. Plus, they can pick up where they left off if they need to leave a lesson at any point.

Integrated data reporting and real-time alerts are also tools that can help your child establish a routine quickly using a reading app. You can easily review your child’s progress from any connected device, and your child can enjoy a sense of accomplishment and control by reviewing their progress independently via the app’s dashboard interface.

This added flexibility gives both parents and readers more freedom to create a schedule that meets their respective lifestyles and learning needs.

Support for Other Education Goals

Reading is the most important element of successful distance learning, and the majority of the population is experiencing the same shift toward an entirely digital classroom environment.

Whether you’re working with your young children on the rudiments of spelling or you want to help your school-aged kids with their online lessons, reading online programs are being used by schools and parents to provide additional support.

As your child progresses in their educational plan, they can use the skills they’ve learned from online reading programs in the classroom, during study time, or to complete their homework independently.

With accurate diagnostic testing and real-time adaptations based on the reader’s fluidity and progress, reading apps can quickly build a reading plan that’s appropriate for your child’s learning goals.


One-on-One Learning

Typically, one-on-one education is used to describe a personalized teaching experience with an educator or tutor. Using AI-enabled online reading programs, you can get the same level of attention from a machine.

Using real-time listening and artificial intelligence, reading apps are able to determine where your child can improve in their reading journey. Whether they need help with fluency or they’re struggling with certain words, the system can recognize pauses and patterns that accurately show the reader’s progress.

Reading online programs are able to collect this data and compare the reader’s progress with preset metrics to ensure that your child is meeting their education goals.

Enhance your child’s path to improved reading comprehension and speech fluidity with a responsive AI-assisted reading online program.

Increased Freedom and Control Over Lessons

One of the most hindering aspects of traditional education is the lack of customization for different learning styles. Children learn using a wide range of speeds, levels, and methods. Technology as an education tool gives each reader the support they need, at a speed and rhythm that works for them.

Using a digital reading app allows the reader to select the story they want to read, and the chapter they want to cover. Children will feel more connected to each exercise after they personally choose what to work on.

Additionally, children love repetition as a means to establish control and comfort in their lessons. Being able to select the story they want to work on will make them more excited about this part of their routine, while consistently helping them along their set goals and education timelines.

This teaching method is a proven way to increase engagement and, as a result, learning success over the lifecycle of the lesson.

Benefits of Reading Online Programs Post-COVID

Accurately Adjust to Reader’s Progress with AI

Just like choosing the lesson gives learners more agency, responding to their progress in real-time gives them the support and attention they need to learn effectively.

Reading online programs use artificial intelligence to listen to the speaker’s voice and respond to the reader’s:

  • Hesitations or pauses
  • Reading speed
  • Voice volume level
  • Confidence based on cadence and rhythm

Combining these capabilities allows the app to learn about the reader’s behavior, and accurately respond to their progress to ensure that the lesson is tailored to their current learning level.

Stop wasting time on programs and technology that does not work by opting for a reading online program that incorporates dynamic, accurate reporting and progress alerts.

Freedom of Reading in the Digital Age

Literacy and interest in reading is directly linked to success, and how your children read makes an impact on the efficacy over time.

Using technology to promote a positive relationship with reading in your children is one easy way to help them in their educational journeys. Reading is deeply rooted in nearly every other academic subject, from chemistry to social studies.

Reading online programs give readers the ability to obtain autonomy and step-by-step support at the same time. Users are able to control the lesson, and immediately receive targeted assistance as soon as they hit a hurdle in the story.


Reading apps are one of the tools educators and students are learning to stay on top of learning objectives amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Distance learners benefit from the added reading support, and parents can accurately gauge their child’s progress with analytics reporting and AI-based tracking.

Children will also enjoy the increased level of independence and agency as a result of the app’s smart capabilities and tracking tools.

E-books are the future of reading, and reading online programs and apps bridge the gap for online learners and students of practical institutions.

See how reading online programs like Readability have transformed the way children learn how to read, and will continue to streamline the learning experience after school goes back into session.

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