The 3 Lifelong Benefits of Advanced Vocabulary

You might be thinking vocabulary is just a part of something you learn in school – but the truth is, continuing to build on your advanced vocabulary has lifelong benefits.

Possessing and continuously developing your word bank expands the tools you have at your disposal to express yourself to the fullest.

And this comes with advantages that spill over to so many aspects of your life.

But committing to learning advanced vocabulary does not have to mean that you have to spend your lifetime memorizing lists of words every day.

Thanks to gamification of learning, activities like learning new vocabulary have been transformed into much more fun, engaging and brain-friendly events.

Gamified platforms, including software like Vocabulary Quest, incorporate video game elements into the learning experience.

This particular software casts you in the role of the main character freeing the fictional Lands of Vocab, making your way through the map by completing quests centered around learning and remembering vocabulary.

The best part is – there is no age limit to this software.

And the even better news it? This software is designed to help you learn in the way the brain loves best!

For everyone from students preparing for their SATs to working adults looking to sharpen up their vocabulary, this is a fun and effective way of learning, practicing and reviewing your words.

I’ll go into some of the particular benefits of vocabulary software in aiding your learning later on in this article – now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the 3 lifelong benefits of advanced vocabulary!

The 3 Lifelong Benefits of Advanced Vocabulary

1. Builds Your Communication Skills

The 3 Lifelong Benefits of Advanced VocabularyThroughout your life, be it your academic years or through your career, and in your social life, you are going to be communicating with people.

And so much of communication happens in words.

In fact, written communication is one of the, if not the most prevalent means of communication in the modern-day workforce.

Sometimes the first contact you ever have with people is through writing – when you’re writing a cover letter for a job, an email proposing a project, launching a new product to a fresh demographic, etc.

At other times, like college or job interviews, or meetings to secure a new client, you have a single opportunity to impress the person on the other side of a desk with your ideas and experience.

And to properly and efficiently express your thoughts in their fullest, you’re going to need all the right words.

With a limited vocabulary, you might not be able to get the specific meaning, all the little complexities and intricacies of your thought process, your precise tone and intent, across.

This applies not just for those big opportunities like job applications, but throughout your life – expressing yourself to your colleagues, family, friends, for all the important matters you want to be able to communicate effectively.

Possessing a sound and growing stock of words lets you get across exactly what you mean, and this can make all the difference in fostering understanding between you and all the people in your life.

2. Builds Your Confidence

The 3 Lifelong Benefits of Advanced VocabularyWhen you’re able to express yourself succinctly and effectively, you’ll also feel more confident and self-assured.

You don’t have to worry that you’ll be completely lost during class, or an important meeting, or that you’re going to be crunching impossible hours over research or reports that are too complex for you.

By building up your advanced vocabulary, you are also polishing up your reading comprehension.

This refers to your ability to decode text, process and absorb its meaning, and integrate it with what you already know.

The more advanced your reading comprehension – or in other words the more that you’re able to understand and process as you read – the faster your reading and your learning.

You won’t feel uncertain about what you’re learning because you are quickly able to grasp the meaning and associate it to what you already know.

Creating associations is how the brain learns best, so the more you are able to zoom through text without having to pause to look up a word, the faster you are able to create associations with existing knowledge, and the more efficient and faster your learning.

This not only applies to school, but also to work.

Specific professions have specific, technical terminology, and knowing, understanding and being able to apply this terminology enhances your ability to do your job better.

You won’t be able to build your expertise without knowing the nitty-gritty of the technical details but practising advanced vocabulary with software like Vocabulary Quest makes the process much more natural and immersive for you.

Working on your advanced vocabulary specific to your professional field can also open up opportunities for advancement in some of the highest paying careers out there!

3. Build Up Your Memory

The 3 Lifelong Benefits of Advanced VocabularyVocabulary software like Vocabulary Quest are specifically formulated to tap into the way the brain learns best, to optimize recall.

As you progress through the game, you are tested on words you’ve learned and encountered before.

This introduces the important concept of reviewing and spaced repetition, which numerous studies prove are conducive for improved memory.

Your brain is made up of millions of neurons or nerve cells.

When you learn something new, some of your neurons will create associations or neural pathways between them to store this knowledge.

Now, if you never encounter this information again, and never make an attempt to remember it, your neurons will eventually just get rid of this information.

On the other hand, when you review something you’ve learned before, or go through the act of retrieving it from your memory to apply in a situation, the neurons storing this information are active.

The more active they are, the stronger the neural connection associated to this memory gets.

And as a result, the more permanent your memory of what you’re learning is.

Not only does Vocabulary Quest naturally build in review, repetition and retrieval into its gameplay, by only allowing you to progress in quests by getting your vocabulary words right, it helps you work on what you don’t remember as well.

The software tracks words you got wrong, and you can play side-quests to practice these and build a better memory of them.

You can also create custom lists of words you specifically want to practice more.

The best part is, by engaging in this type of continuous and brain-friendly learning, you are not only improving your memory of advanced vocabulary words, but your memory and cognitive functioning overall.

This is possible because of your brain’s neuroplasticity – a property of the brain that, simply put, lets it learn and re-learn, throughout your lifetime.

New learning in fact is scientifically proven to enhance your overall memory, sharpen and maintain cognitive functions, and reduce the likelihood of degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s.

So, by continuously learning and experiencing something new throughout your life, you are actually improving your overall brain health and functioning!

And all of this is packaged within an engaging, graphically impressive video game universe where you can customize character avatars, battle enemies, unlock accessories, and more!

Sounds a lot more fun than memorizing lists of words, right?

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Which of the 3 lifelong benefits of advanced vocabulary are you keen to experience most for yourself?

And will you be giving Vocabulary Quest a try to accomplish that?

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