Reading App For Kids Who Find Reading Boring

Reading App For Kids Who Find Reading Boring

As parents, we often hope our children will grow up to be avid readers. Studies have shown that reading often and a lot helps to improve not just language skills but also science and math skills.

However, not all children enjoy reading. In fact, many kids can often find reading boring and uninteresting, especially new readers.

One thing that could help is to make reading more interactive by using a reading app for kids or trying unconventional reading activities like incorporating reading into a board game night.

However, before trying any new reading activities with your child, it is also worthwhile to figure out why they might find reading to be boring in the first place. Figuring out the reason for why they are not reading can help you find the best way to encourage them.

Reading App For Kids Who Find Reading Boring

Why does my kid find reading boring?

There are many reasons kids might find reading boring. Your child might be going through one or even several of these reasons:

Advanced readers– Some kids are actually advanced readers and are finding their grade level material not challenging enough. Many advanced readers might be discouraged from reading regularly or do not enjoy reading because they are actually above their reading level.

Struggling readers – However, for most kids who find reading boring, it is most likely that they are actually struggling with reading. Struggling readers often avoid reading and do not enjoy it because

Undetected learning disability – Your child could also be struggling with reading or uninterested with reading because they actually have an undetected learning disability or dyslexia. In this case, it could be worthwhile to discuss your child’s reading progress with their teacher and to reach out to professionals to discuss possible assessments.

Connections to reading materials – Another reason your child could find reading boring is because they genuinely cannot feel a connection to their reading materials. School reading materials just might be about topics that disinterest them, so they are having a hard time feeling motivated to read.

Not naturally a reader – Some children are natural born athletes, and some are not. The same goes for reading. Some children just naturally enjoy reading while others do not. Your child might not find reading fun or exciting but you can get them to find reading fun by trying different ways of reading.


How do you make reading fun for struggling readers?

Struggling readers often need to go the extra mile to make reading fun for them. They often need reading to be a more interactive and engaging experience for them. Instead of just forcing them to sit down with a book, try some of these more interactive reading activities to get your child more motivated and interested in reading:

  • Go on a “reading field trip” – A reading field trip is a great way to make reading fun for your child. Take a visit to a museum or the zoo and have them read aloud any signs or information that might be about the exhibits.


  • Visit a library – A library is another great place for a reading field trip. Your child can see that the library is more than just a storage space for books. You can arrange for a librarian to give you and your child a tour so they can explore all the services that a library offers.


  • Practice micro-reading – Instead of forcing your child to read long texts or for long periods of time, you can have them try micro-reading. Micro-reading is essentially when you break up reading materials into smaller passages. This can help your child not feel so overwhelmed if they are struggling with reading.


  • Provide a variety of reading materials– As mentioned, your child could find reading boring because either they are not being challenged enough with their reading or the reading materials are too difficult.


  • Encourage environmental reading – Environmental reading helps your child see that reading happens anywhere and everywhere they are. Encourage your child to read anything they see from billboards to shampoo bottles. This can help them practice reading without the daunting feeling of reading a book.


  • Make it kinesthetic – Kids love to get up and move. Make reading part of that physical fun by creating kinesthetic reading activities such as sight word soccer where you set up goals to specific sight words your child might currently be learning and have them kick the ball to the words for points. There are tons of great kinesthetic reading activities online that can help your child have fun and build their reading skills.


  • Use a reading app– A reading app is a great way for kids to have fun and practice reading without even knowing it. There are tons of reading apps available and many of them even target specific reading skills.

However, if you are looking for an app to interest a bored reader, you might want to find one that addresses several reading skills at once. An app like Readability gives a whole learning approach to reading.

Reading App For Kids Who Find Reading Boring

What is the best reading app for kids?

Readability is a great interactive app that can help your child become more motivated and interested in reading. No matter if your child is an advanced reader or a struggling reader, they are sure to find this reading app easy and fun to use.

The app is very versatile as it will create an initial assessment of your child’s reading skills and adjust the reading level of the materials accordingly.

As your child uses the app, it will adjust the materials according to the progress they are making. So if your child actually needs something more challenging to read the app will give them more advanced reading materials.

Additionally, if your child seems to be struggling with the reading materials, the app will provide them with more appropriate reading level materials.

The app also provides a massive library of original reading materials that is constantly being updated with new content. Your child will never run out of stories and practice materials.


Readability helps to advance and improve many reading skills for your child by using being a model of good reading skills for your child whenever they need it. Your child has the option of having the app read the story to them as they follow along so that they can use it like an e-reader and audiobook.

The best part about the app is actually the advanced speech-recognition and AI technology features. Instead of having the app read to them, your child can read aloud to the app and it will actually listen to your child as they read. The app will then provide pronunciation and error correction in real time.

The app is great for you as a parent to track your child’s progress. It provides progress reports for you to review and share with your child’s teacher.

Overall, getting your child to enjoy reading means making sure it is interactive and engaging for them. Thinking outside of the box and trying unconventional reading activities can help them to advance and improve their reading skills and prevent them getting bored.

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