This is part 3 of the article 8 Secrets About Motivation You Need to Know. 

8 secrets about motivation you need to know

In part 2 of the article 8 Secrets About Motivation You Need to Know, you discovered how to schedule your dopamine rewards, how to balance dopamine and serotonin, and how important it is to be ok with making mistakes.

Today are the final two secrets about motivation you need to know in order to have motivation on demand!

7. Naturally Boost Dopamine with Your Diet

8 Things You Didn’t Know About MotivationJust as extremely high dopamine activity is bad, so is extremely low dopamine activity.

Low levels of dopamine mean, as you can guess, lower levels of motivation.

Getting out of bed becomes a chore. You tend to procrastinate before you can start any learning or work.

You lose your willingness and ability to actively pursue your goals.

One of the ways you can naturally boost your dopamine levels is by incorporating l-tyrosine in your diet.

L-tyrosine is an amino acid, and a precursor to dopamine.

One of the best ways to naturally get more l-tyrosine into your diet is to eat these foods: foods like chicken, turkey, red meats, dairy, soy, avocado, nuts and seeds can boost your dopamine!

You could also take l-tyrosine supplements, but they can cause a short-term spike, followed by a long-term crash in dopamine, so make sure to consult your doctor or healthcare provider before taking any supplements. .

8. Bright Lights at Night Suppress Dopamine and Here’s How To Solve That Immediately

8 Secrets to Motivation You Need to Know

A reason you might struggle to get out of bed in the mornings is bright lights from the night before.

Bright artificial lights at night have several damaging effects. And one of them is the way they suppress your dopamine pathways.

You experience a drop in dopamine levels not just in the moment, but also for things that normally motivate you.

This can be extremely physically and mentally taxing for you in the long run.

And it’s all the more of a problem if you’re regularly getting bright light exposure at night.

To maintain healthy levels of dopamine throughout your life to keep up your motivation, cut down artificial bright lights.

Avoid taking your phone or devices to bed. If you can, put them away a couple hours before heading to sleep.

Choose dimmer, orange- or red or orange toned lights for your home.

If you absolutely must use your devices at night, look into getting blue blockers like blue-blocking screens and photochromatic lenses. I use these lenses which slide over my glasses.

Or you can simply put on these blue-light blocking glasses beginning at dusk.

Motivation isn’t as simple as wanting to do something. There’s a whole biological and psychological system at play regulating it.

And with these 8 secrets about motivation you need to know, you now have all the tools to access motivation on demand! 

Here is a powerful book on focus and motivation to help you on your journey!

8 secrets about motivation you need to know

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