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Just like you, everyone wants to learn things faster so we used and reviewed the 13 best learn faster sites on the Internet.

The benefits when you learn faster are extraordinary and give you a huge edge in your career and in school.

Once you have specific strategies and a strong enough “why” so you know how you will use the learn faster information, when you will use it and why the information is valuable to you, then it’s time to get started.

Instead of spending hours searching online for faster learning sites, our team of learning experts found them for you.

#1. HowtoLearn

HowtoLearn.com has been online the longest of any faster learning site that we know of – 2 years even before Google!

Imagine having the most powerful learning skill of all – knowing ‘how to learn’ and this is what you’ll find on HowtoLearn.com. It is the world’s largest learning resource site and you will find many practical courses, digital products, and thousands of informative articles about all things learning.

In addition, HowtoLearn.com created the Internet’s first Personal Learning Styles Quiz which is free for you to take as well as the internet’s first educational newsletter.

Along with learn faster courses so you can master any topic, you’ll find private and group coaching, Brain 2.0 Learning and Career Advantage Assessments, live webinars and more.

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#2. Natural Readers

Once you’ve made the choice to become a speed reader and learn how to read a book in a day, in addition to tools in various courses, you can input your reading material at NaturalReaders.com/online and then crank up the speed of the read along text.

Not only will you then read faster, your comprehension will increase because reading and hearing the text covers more surface area of the brain and enhances the input to better memory.

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#3. Spreeder

Another of our favorite speed reading sites that clearly help you learn faster, Spreeder is a well-known software that quickly helps you remove the three things that slow your reading down.

They are famous for their guarantee which pays you $50 more than you paid if you don’t improve your speed with their training. A very reasonably priced speed reading option in comparison to many courses which charge thousands of dollars.

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#4. Gura

Gura.io is a truly unique live streaming platform where you can take classes from experts anywhere in the world! We love how accessible the classes are and you’ll find live courses in a huge array of subjects!

Definitely one of the best faster learning sites online and recipient of our Top 101 Best Websites award!




#5. Freerice

As you improve your vocabulary, why not help feed the world at the same time?

On Freerice you can adjust the difficulty level to learn new words and for each one you get right, rice is donated to help feed people in need. We love this site and the good they are doing in the world!

13 best learn faster sites

#6. GetFlashNotes

Hungry to read business and self-help books in under 20 minutes or less? Then Get Flash Notes is your go to site. Every single book format is available on this learn faster site!

13 best learn faster sites on the Internet

#7 Coach.Me

Coach.me is a terrific free app where you can schedule paid coaching sessions on nearly any subject.

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Now that you’re reading to learn faster you can motivate yourself to learn anything!