number shape system to recall numbers


Would you like a simple and proven number shape system to recall dates and numbers?

Memory for dates can be easy once you have a blueprint!

This system has been used by memory champions for years to quickly recall dates and long strings of numbers.

Once you spend just a few minutes learning the number shape system, you’ll be able to ace any exam questions with numbers and dates on it.

Very quickly, you’ll feel like a world memory champ also.

Memory is Easier When You Use Images

Brain scientists know that people recall images much faster than they do words or abstract numbers on a page.

You know this too. Imagine reading several pages in a book and then recalling everything you just read.

Now imagine watching a TV show or going to the movies.

Which is easier to remember?

Generally, unless you are already a high visual learner who naturally makes images of everything you read, most people say the movie or TV show is easier to recall.

Use the Number Shape System and Draw a Real World Object that Looks Like the Number

To begin your newfound recall success for dates and numbers, just draw a real world object that looks like one of the ten numbers.

You can use our example above or any example that works best for you. Remember to use color and humor too since your brain makes stronger connections when you do, and those strong connections equal a better memory.

In your mind, make a mental movie of each of the 10 numbers and attach the shape to them.

Spend a few minutes looking at what you drew, look up, pretend you are at the movies and make a mental snapshot of each number and the shape.

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peg memory system to recall numbers

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Here’s what your number shape system list could look like:

1 – Pen

2- Swan

3 – Bear’s ears

4 – Sail or sail boat

5 – Hook

6 – Golf club

7 – Cliff

8 – Hour Glass

9 – Pipe

0 – Pizza

Create a Story About the Dates You Want to Recall

For our example, we’ll use the date of 1492 to create the number shape system story and discuss the numbers and shapes in order so you’ll easily remember what happened in 1492.

To make this fun, you could say:

Columbus held a pen in his hand, (1), as he relaxed on his sail boat (4).

He was smoking a pipe (9) and watching a swan (2) as he sailed to America.

Hot Tip: the funnier the story the more memorable it is.

If you draw out that story as an image, using the number shape system, you’ll create your mental snap shot and easily remember what happened in 1492.

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You’ll be able to use these memory systems to upgrade your memory and learning skills to master any topic or subject.

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