This is part 2 of 12 Ways to Think Like an Entrepreneur.

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think like an entrepreneur

#6 Truly think about your options for beginning your entrepreneur journey.

A few bosses may be emotionally abusive; if the company surroundings don’t look likely to change, evaluate whether this is truly the best place for you and ways you can start your own thing soon.

You spend eight plus hours a day at your desk juggling calls, e-mails and correspondences. All the same the stack of paper on your cluttered up desk continues growing taller, you eat more meals at the office than you do at home and you’re still hardly meeting your deadlines.

Discover ways to keep away from time traps and to improve existing procedures to be not only more productive at work, but much less stressed and to develop skills that you can use in your own business.

#7 Notice time wasters.

Standard culprits are instant messaging, net surfing, personal calls and gossip with colleagues. The minutes spent on these mis-directions may become hours of lost time and lost productivity. Determine limits on these actions and discover ways to politely end conversations.

#8 Confine distractions and interruptions.

Schedule times to follow-up and respond to mail, e-mail and voice mail. If conceivable, switch off instant messenger programs and don’t answer personal calls while you work at other tasks.

think like an entrepreneur

Male freelancer or student reads ideas written on paper notes stuck on blue wall, holds takeaway coffee and notepad, learns foreign words from colorful stickers, wears glasses for good vision

#9 Coordinate and prioritize.

If you’re consistently searching for items on your cluttered up desk, allow time to organize files, tools and equipment. Keep paper and electronic files in marked folders. On your PC, produce shortcuts and favorites to help find items rapidly and easily.

#10 Utilize a single portable calendar to track all meetings, dates and deadlines.

Produce a schedule to begin and finish a given task and stick to it. Start and finish tasks on time. A daily or weekly “To Do” list may likewise be a helpful tool to stay on track and remain productive.

Be truthful with yourself about your fortes and failings and then budget time and jobs accordingly. It may be helpful to do the things that you like the least first, as they might be more time consuming and you’re more likely to finish more interesting activities.

#11 Compose agendas for meetings and remain inside the allotted time.

Inefficient meetings that go late are a huge cause of productivity loss.

Put down all key information like date, time, attendees, schedule items and action items when taking notes. This might save considerable guessing later. When in doubt, document.

Learn to utilize new and better tools to accomplish your work and invest a little time in learning to utilize existing tools more efficiently.

Discover a book, coach, mentor or take a class in time management, organizational strategies and productive business communication.

how to learn

#12 Take breaks.

This might seem conflicting when you are swamped. All the same, “crunch time” is when it’s even more crucial to stay clear and centered. It’s easy to make errors and when feeling deluged. Actually schedule breaks into your day if essential. Even a short walk around the building may clear your head and bring down stress, which promotes productivity.

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