sharpen your brain

If you could sharpen your brain and increase your brain power, then theoretically you could accomplish almost anything.

While having a healthy and strong body is highly important as well, most of us would probably agree that our activities are more reliant on our cognitive abilities rather than our physical ones.

Many people have computer-based jobs for instance, and this means that we need to use our brains to handle data, to manipulate software, or to come up with business strategies.

Much of our success comes down to our ability to interact with others, which of course is very much dependent on our intelligence and our brain power.

Whether you’re giving a presentation and choosing the best words to communicate your message, or whether you’re in an interview or date setting and trying to quickly find the wittiest or funniest response to a question.

Problems at home tend to involve finances, social situations or legal issues – there are very few problems we can solve with our fists.

In our spare time, we tend to pursue more intellectual activities too. Perhaps we play video games (reacting to enemies and solving puzzles), or maybe we sit and read.

And even when an activity seems ‘physical’ on the surface, it is in fact very often just as much cognitive.

Take sports for example, which require you to be aware of the positions of your team mates and opponents and to use your body efficiently and accurately through space.

Or how about doing ‘physical labor’ such as making repairs – which almost always involves some measure of engineering.

Benefits When You Get Command Over Your Mind

sharpen your brain

So, if you were smarter then, or if you just had greater command over your mental faculties, you’d be able to:

  • Concentrate longer on tasks and get more work done

Then you progress further in your chosen career and earn more money

You have more free time at the end of each day

Each day you have fewer things to feel stressed out about

  • Come up with unique ideas and novel solutions

Then you have the potential to make yourself rich, or change the world in a positive way

You can more easily solve problems that you face in your daily life and

  • Improve your physical and sporting ability
  • Impress anyone in a conversation
  • Become better at any given task, from plumbing to computer games
  • Become more self-sufficient and reliant

And even beyond the practical and tangible benefits of boosting your brain power, you’d be able to benefit from simply having a greater appreciation for the world around you.

You’ll have a better understanding of how things work. A

Imagine having an enhanced capacity for learning and more incentive to do so…

Perhaps you could improve your understanding and appreciation of the very nature of life and the universe…

Sharpen Your Brain – Achieve Total Recall and Become Limitless

It’s no mean feat imagining what would be possible with greater brain power – if you yourself were greater.

And so perhaps the best place for us to look to is fiction.

What if we consider a fictional example of someone who is suddenly bestowed with incredible mental capacity?

In films that you know or have heard of like Limitless, the protagonist Eddie Mora is given a smart drug – asupplement called NZT.

This tablet is an experimental drug that has the ability to help anyone to use ‘100%’ of their brains.

(Of course, this is nonsense – we already use 100% of our brains!

We just need to train it with specific strategies and learn ‘how to learn’ like you’ll see in the Total Recall Learning Course.

When Eddie takes the NZT, he is instantly transformed.

He goes from being a slob and a struggling writer, to cleaning up his flat and his appearance and completing his manuscript – which of course goes on to become a best-seller.

He then works out the stock market and begins day trading, becoming rich from his home.

He impressively learns several new languages.

He moves into a stunning, luxury apartment and attracts the attention of an investment firm.

Eventually, he uses the power and influence he accrues there to run for political office.

All this, because he was able to take control of his brain.

Because he was able to see patterns that others missed.

Because he ‘knew exactly what he had to do’.

And because he gained sharper a sharper brain with sharper intuition and better cognitive skills.

Now of course this is a fiction and in reality, no such pill exists.

Neither can we say with certainty that you would see such a huge impact on your life if you were to increase your brain power alone.

But it’s certainly a believable idea that your life might change that much.

And what is very exciting is that there really are ways that you can boost your intelligence.

There really are ways you can bring about tangible, measurable improvements in your life by focusing on ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

Sharpen Your Brain

Now that you know this information on sharpening your brain, here is a book called Sharpening Your Brain that will give you a complete blueprint for the ultimate brain upgrade.

Use the strategies inside and you’ll know precisely how to improve your memory, enhance your brain intelligence and much more. 

You’re going to see how you can increase your intelligence and focus to a profound degree, how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your ‘social IQ’.

By the time you’re finished, you’ll know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body.

And you’ll see that the results will be measurable.

Pat Wyman is the CEO of,, best selling author and an internationally noted brain and learning coach known as America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert.

Pat’s superpower is helping people learn, read and remember everything faster. She has helped over half a million people in schools and corporations such as Microsoft, Intel and Google improve their lives with her learning strategies, learning styles inventory and courses, including Total Recall Learning™.

She is the best-selling author of more than 15 books, a university instructor, mom and golden retriever lover!

Contact Pat to find out more about the Brain Advantage 2.0 Learning and Career Assessment and customized coaching programs for professionals and students.


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