With more and more ‘educational technologies’ available to educators, it’s only time before every classroom in America relies on technology to drive student engagement and overall achievement. During this exploratory time however, teachers are working diligently to find the best and most effective technologies to incorporate in their lessons.

http://tinyurl.com/93ac8ayAt Gwynn Falls Elementary School in Baltimore, students are test-driving a new mathematics app for iPads. The app is called Front Row Education and is part of the schools pilot program. The app offers individualized math instruction that allows students to work at their own pace.

It’s a little different from the traditional teacher lecture.  Founders of the Ipad tool want to help teachers better educate students and manage classrooms.

“It makes sure learning works for students rather than one size fits all.  The usual model of teaching to everyone doesn’t fit anymore and this is what Front Row helps teachers move past,” Sidharth Kakkar, Co-founder and CEO of Front Row Education.

Front Row Education allows students to practice and learn math concepts aligned with the new Common Core State Standards.  Front Row gives students the power to practice questions and access video tutorials that help them when they get stuck.

Students can also work with their peers to solve problems.

“I think it was fun. I also think it was educational because when you get the answer wrong, it gives you chances and you can ask other people to get the answer right,” said Natasha Manguran, fifth grader.

“It was interesting.  It taught us a lot of things.  Some things we didn’t know, but once we got used to it, we understood the concepts,” said Tijah Torres, fifth grader.

The app also has a teacher dashboard that shows educators how each student is doing in class.  The app helps teachers with personalized learning for students, detailed analysis of performance and automatic grading.

“Sometimes kids lose their thrill and their excitement to do their work.  This application allows them to do the same type of problems.  They can do their work on the Ipad and they have video tutorials to help them out,” said Jabari Bush, fifth grade Math and Science Teacher.

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