A Lion’s World Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner

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A Lion’s World – Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards



A Lion’s World from AV2 Books is absolutely spectacular for young readers.

Not only is the hardcover book itself beautiful, it’s a completely integrated digital learning environment which pairs the the book with online content that brings the book to life!

Our Parent and Choice Team and the several children we used the book and online live program with loved it! The kids were mesmerized by being able to both hold the book, and watch the movement of the lion in the video and listen to the audio read the book aloud at the same time!

Inside A Lion’s World book there is a code on page 2 that you enter and suddenly the book comes to life online!

There are downloadable activities and self-graded quizzes so parents and teachers can take a very active role in their child’s learning! It’s awe-inspiring and creative and we applaud Av2 books for all their books!

A Lion’s World by Av2 books is Unanimously Chosen for the gold medal by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team from HowtoLearn.com

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