Against All Odds Book Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Against All Odds Book Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from 

Gold Medal Winner



against all odds book wins parent and teacher choice award

As the authors and editors of two books on autism, our Parent and Teacher Choice team is all too familiar with the journey and struggles of families who have a child with autism.

Many families are automatically told to place their child in an institution rather than making the child part of the family at home and loving them for who they are.

When we saw this book, Against All Odds, we knew it had to be a gold medal winner of The Parent and Teacher Choice Award because it has such a wonderful, heartfelt true story that every parent who has a child with autism can relate to.

Against All Odds is a unique perspective on the developmental stages of life through the eyes of a mother/teacher/school psychologist.

It focuses on the developmental goals of each stage of life from infancy through adulthood.

Personal childhood and adulthood experiences are used as examples of life stage goal achievements.

Each life stage chapter includes personal experiences, what was done well during that stage and what, in hindsight, could have been done better.

Each life stage chapter has suggestions for parents and professionals to better assist Autistic individuals in achieving developmental goals.

Against All Odds is a life-stage by life-stage guide to assist parents, teachers and other professionals in understanding the developmental goals of each stage of life.

As Autistic children grow into adulthood, more information is needed to assist parents and professionals of adult Autistic individuals.

Against All Odds presents developmental theories written specifically in relation to Autism at every stage of life.

These timely adaptations of established theories assist parents and professionals in understanding developmental life goals in relation to Autism. It is through this understanding that true assistance can be given to Autistic individuals so that they may reach their individual and personal potential.

If you have a child with autism you’ll want to own this book. The life stage information as well as the first person accounts, are so very helpful as you raise your child.

Help your child achieve their full potential and read Joe’s story and how he perservered, along with his mother, Dr. Carol Basile, who never gave up on her son!

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Against All Odds includes:

  • Established life stage goals specifically adapted for autistic children and adults
  • Personal examples for achieving life goals
  • Family dynamics with an autistic child
  • The bright future for autistic children and adults
  • Practical suggestions for parents, teachers, and other professionals

Against All Odds is the unanimous choice of our team and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

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