All About Reading Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

All About Reading Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

Category: Reading Instructional Program

All About Reading Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

When parents, tutors and teachers decide to teach reading for the first time you can almost hear the “fear and quaking” take over their voices.

Reading is such a critical life skill that we want to do everything possible to empower our kids and that is no small statement.

Ultimately, reading is one of the most important ways kids gain knowledge and being a strong reader from the very beginning affects every aspect of a child’s self-esteem and ultimate success in school or in the workplace when choosing job in which reading is required.

Our Parent and Teacher Choice team includes a teacher, parent and reading specialist who evaluated the All About Reading program from All About Learning Press.

This is the kind of comprehensive reading instructional program that is awe inspiring at first glance. It is structured, and the fully scripted reading lessons are every parent’s and teacher’s dream because it eliminates the guesswork when teaching reading. you can rest easy knowing that you’ll cover everything that your child needs to become a very strong reader.

All About Reading includes everything you need from phonics instruction (decoding, blending, comprehension and more) – all of which form the base to help a child become a fluent reader.

All About Reading is a mastery-based program that teaches reading right from the beginning and uses the Orton-Gillingham approach in order to reach all readers – those just staring out and those who may be struggling.

Orton-Gillingham is a long-proven program that uses a multi-faceted approach to reading. It includes a multi-sensory component so that students can more easily make  the connections between letters and sounds.

On the website this is what it says this about the Orton-Gillingham method:

Instructors use sight, hearing, touch and movement to help students connect language with letters and sounds, and Orton-Gillingham is widely used to teach students with dyslexia. Our team believes that his this method is one of the best  about the All About Reading comprehensive program.

One of the biggest issues with struggling readers is that they often can’t make meaning from smaller words that have no physical basis – like the word “the”.

Consequently, when they read, and come across small words like “the” or “a” or “and” they tend to stumble.

So using a multisensory approach like Orton-Gillingham is perfect to solve that issue and when students make physical models of words like “the”, suddenly the physicality of a model for that word has meaning for them and it resolves certain reading issues.

Next, parents, tutors and teachers will be delighted at the full range of instructional manuals plus all the wonderful tools and techniques for students.

Being able to open the book and begin instruction right away because the teacher’s manual guides you precisely, is again, another feature and benefit of All About Reading that we love and most of all, know from research how effective it is.

Because of this guidance teachers are not skipping around when teaching reading and know exactly how to proceed from one skill to another.

All About Reading is not arranged by grade level but is mastery-based so it is arranged by skill level typically going from age 5 all the way through adult.

On their site, there is a Placement Test here so you can determine which level to begin on.

From there you just need the teacher’s manual, student packet and some readers to begin instruction. Everything you could possibly need is included in All About Reading and once you are finished with the program there is an advanced program that follows, once students are ready to read to learn, instead of learning to read.

All About Reading is our premier choice in comprehensive reading instruction programs and we unanimously award the Parent and Teacher Choice gold medal in reading instruction.

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