Amazing Grades

    Amazing Grades gave me exactly what I need in both the learning strategies and choice of learning styles. 

I improved my grades so much using this book that received my doctoral degree!

–Katie Langley, Psy.D.

Improve Your Grades Right Now!

Use your preferred learning style in this first-ever multi-media book

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Use your own learning style with this FIRST EVER multi-media book to…

see the report card you both want!

Dear Parents and Teachers and Students,

  • Are you or do you have or teach students ages 12 through college?
  • Are you guessing at the kind of grades you want this year?
  • Are you working hard but not getting the results either of you want?
  • Does it seem like motivation is an issue?
  •  Are you tired and of the same old ho hum report cards and long to see better grades and test scores?
  •  Do you frequently wish there was a BETTER WAY to succeed in school and in life?
  •  Have you wondered whether you can master material easier and faster if you could use their own learning style to do it?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then there is a new book to help that IS actually different from any other.

How is Amazing Grades DIFFERENT?

It is Interactive with 3 Learning Styles Included To Give Your Child A Learning Choice!

LEARN YOUR WAY using any or all of 3 learning styles

1.      Visual

Read the Amazing Grades book and use the hi-tech scan tags to open to videos related to the chapter

2.      Auditory

Listen to the authors reading their chapter aloud in Amazing Grades

3.      Kinesthetic – read Amazing Grades and take notes, draw picture maps about the text

amazing grades                                                                                                        And – There’s more…

The information your student needs to get better grades faster in school is all in one place in Amazing Grades – you don’t have to search for the best learning skills nor even the most important life skills in multiple books. Most chapters are just two pages with easy to use and easy to understand learning and life skills strategies.

Here is what one parent has to say about Amazing Grades:

FINALLY! ONE innovative and substantive book with specific strategies, and information on the wide range of topics that students really need without 200 pages of fluff. This is what we all want and nobody published until now. Save your time and money reading 50 plus books…it’s all here…  One or two chapters alone is more than worth the price of Amazing Grades and what all students, including my own kids, really need to succeed in school.

                                      –Stan DiOrio, J.D., parent, Legislative Director, Public Policy Advocate, Sacramento, CA

Amazing Grades

Amazing Grades is a Worldwide Goodwill book!

101 best selling authors and experts from 13 countries collaborated to bring your child or student the most innovative and proven  strategies known to get better grades faster.

Amazing Grades is a worldwide goodwill book written by 101 best selling authors and experts from 13 countries around the world. There are chapters on both learning and life skills in every area that affect your child. You will find innovative and proven ‘how to learn’ strategies in every subject area plus the life skills every student needs including motivation, organization, technology, how to deal with peer pressure and more. And, Amazing Grades also has special sections for parents and teachers!.

Does your child or student want to know how to learn, remember what he or she learns, and get amazing grades in any of these subjects?





social sciences

foreign language

english, reading or writing

English as a Second Language



any other subject…

Here is just SOME of what your child or student can expect to learn in Amazing Grades – 101 Best Ways To Improve Your Grades Faster:

  • Decrease your study time by at least half by using picture maps
  • Discover how to get motivated in 5 minutes or less
  • Remove roadblocks to learning using these 5 specifics
  • Read faster than you ever thought possible
  • Use this one powerful super memory strategy to help easily recall everything you read
  • Quickly implement these 3 powerful, amazing grades study skills strategies in under one hour
  • Use individual chapters with strategies to master all your subjects including science, geometry, math, algebra, physics, history, precalculus, chemistry, etc.
  • Get new ways to handle any special learning differences such ADHD and more…
  • Find out how to turn a learning disadvantage into an advantage and more…
  • Discover how to stop bullies in their tracks if they are bothering you or your friends
  • Use these strategies to get higher test scores in every subject
  • Find out how to use social media platforms to enhance your SAT, ACT or other standardized test scores

 What Makes Amazing Grades Work So Well?

If you really want amazing grades (and who doesn’t?), this can only happen when the learning foundation is solid and clear.

Grades can easily be affected if there are roadblocks, that you might not even be aware of, getting in the way of your success. For example, great readers have an excellent set of visual skills, which in turn boosts their ability to read faster and remember what they read. What you want to do first is to determine whether any of these roadblocks exist, and if you find out that they do, then use the strategies in the introduction of this book to either remove them or make accommodations for them.

As a learning expert, I can tell you for certain that no other book even comes close to giving you this information all in one book, nor how to cope with learning roadblocks that can impact your student’s success – both academically and in everyday life. This book addresses both learning and the life skills that every student encounters in their daily life.

Amazing Grades shows you and your child or student how to create a clear and solid learning foundation, plus specific learning strategies and study skills so that amazing grades are the very predictable result.

Find out how to remove any roadblocks to learning when using the look inside function at


Amazing Grades

 Helen has read Amazing Grades and has this to say about it:

Thank you Pat! Amazing Grades is so much more than a book! It is an institution, a beacon of hope and light for everyone. You put together such a distinguished group of professionals from all over the world with a broad spectrum of teaching and learning methods, it will resonate with all students. Because I struggled with dyslexia through school, I especially appreciate the section on learning differences and recommend that every student, parent, teacher and professor read this book.

Helen LaLousis, CEO Face Productions

If you are sure want your child or student to have amazing grades this very school year, this new book is the ONE that can finally make a real difference.

Dr. Jeannine Studer has this to say:

With today’s emphasis on student achievement and school accountability, Amazing Grades is a much-needed resource. The fact that it includes student learning styles while appealing to students’ natural proclivity for technology makes the book unique and important for every student.

Jeannine R. Studer, Ed.D., Professor of Counselor Education, The University of Tennessee

Amazing Grades