ARpedia Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn

ARpedia Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

Gold Medal Winner

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ARpedia is a unique, ahead of its time company, that combines augmented reality to bring reading to life for kids ages 4 through 9.

These interactive books are colorful, engaging and cover a huge range of topics helping kids participate and interact with the world around them in a way that makes them fall in love with reading, and enjoy it for lifetime!

We can’t say enough good things about ARpedia!

Our Parent and Teacher Choice Award team is fascinated with how these books include 3 D animation, images, visuals and sound plus all learning modalities, helping kids become better readers with improved memory.

What’s even more exciting is that kids can become a character in the story!

ARpedia books incorporate STEM (Science, Technology, Education and Math) into every story, covering 10 favorite topics that include the weather, space, robots and more.

In addition, kids 7-12 can utilize the AR Science Lab and bring a science lab right into your home with the AR Science Lab Series.

This includes activities in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science on each page.

By using the experiment markers included, kids can do AR science experiments or find out interesting facts about science on their own.

How ARpedia works:

All books work with the tablets available including ipads and

When kids open the books, the Augmented Reality contents appear on the tablet which is connected to the application.

Digital contents are integrated into the paper book so objects in the book will automatically appear on the screen. 

Children can use interactive characters(paper markers) to actually participate in the story.

Interactive characters act as tools to trigger interactive activities.

From the very minute kids see these beautiful, colorful and engaging books, we predict that they will become lifelong readers with better reading skills.

ARpedia is our unanimous choice and wins the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 million visitors.

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