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Introducing Student Art in Transit

Introducing student art in transit is a focus of a program which wraps buses in student artwork. Over the past few years, Cache Valley Transit buses have been wrapped in student artwork as part of the  Art in Transit: From Schools to Community program. Interior panels...

Engaging Students in Problem Solving Through Escape

Teachers are finding that engaging students in problem solving through escape games is encouraging critical thinking and creativity. At Williwcreek Middle School, teachers worked on mat equations, riddles, and quotation, figuring out clues that led to tools. when the...

Playing Music on the Wall

At Gates Mills Elementary School, students are playing music on the wall. The walls are not actually walls, as they are only about a few feet square. They contain items such as trash cans, frying pans, spatulas, pipes, and plastic baskets. While these items are not...

Robotics Promote Hands On Learning

Elementary students and teachers are discovering that robotics promote hands on learning At St. Patrick School in Kent, students are learning robotics in bi-weekly technology classes during an eight week period.  They have been learning computer programming and coding...

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