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Robotics Promote Hands On Learning

Elementary students and teachers are discovering that robotics promote hands on learning At St. Patrick School in Kent, students are learning robotics in bi-weekly technology classes during an eight week period.  They have been learning computer programming and coding...

Maker Spaces are Opening Up in Elementary Schools

Maker Spaces are opening up in elementary schools in Bellingham, Washington. Students can test ideas and problem solving strategies as they collaborate in maker spaces.  School officials find that maker spaces help students learn to build and create. At South...

Finding Out About Cyber Careers

In a special class, high school students are finding out about cyber careers. At Wossman high School, students in the Cyber Literacy classes offered by Monroe City Schools learn real world problem solving, complete with consequences for errors. The classes...

Full STEAM Ahead For a New Technology Program

Middle school students are moving full STEAM ahead for a new technology program. At McGee Middle School in Berlin, Connecticut, students tested video games created by classmates.  The games were created as part of the new STEAM program. “Once they understand, they...

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