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Competency Based Instruction Focuses on Proficiency

A new grading system is coming to report cards in Concord New Hampshire schools, as competency based instruction focuses on proficiency, not numerical averages. At Rundlett Middle School, there will be a different type of report card at the end of the quarter. Many...

5 Tips for Setting Successful Goals

Setting successful goals is not as easy as it looks and can easily be demotivating if not done properly. Many students give up on their university goals all together after failing to achieve unrealistic, even physically impossible learning-targets. Unfortunately, no...

6 Useful Online Resources for Music Teachers

As a music teacher, you may be limited by the resources that your school provides for your lessons. It can be hard to find low cost resources that add value to your class. There are plenty of low cost resources out there for music teachers, you just need to know where...

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