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Discovering a Missing Piece of Local History

A teacher and students set out to learn about a local historical fort, and wound up discovering a missing piece of local history. Adam Sakel and about 30 students from the Niedermeier Center for Education in Newport, Michigan set out to discover the missing piece of...

A Model for Training Bilingual Teachers

The Highline Public Schools in Washington have recently been recognized as a national model for training bilingual teachers, providing opportunities for bilingual paraprofessionals to earn teaching certificates. The program offers solutions to address the nationwide...

Science and Electronic Music

Students in the Pueblo Central schools are getting an opportunity to learn more about science and electronic music at Central High School STEM Boot Camp. Carolyn Morrison is teaching a creative class called “Making Tunes with Sound Studio”, and the results...

STEAM Camp is Engaging Students of All Ages

At East Carolina University, a STEAM camp is engaging students of all ages in science, technology, engineering, art and math. According to Robert Quinn, associate professor of art at ECU, the camp that has been offered this summer at the Jenkins Fine Art Center is...

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