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An Inclusive Preschool Environment

Children are thriving in an inclusive preschool environment at the Hood Canal School, where they learn surrounded by peers of all abilities. This is the second school year that the Hood Canal School District has made an inclusive preschool education available to...

Transitioning to College Algebra

Transitioning to college algebra can be difficult for students who have average math skills, but need to take the required course to continue in their college major or certification area. Recently, a pilot program was added to curriculums of about 50 high schools in...

Turning Up The STEAM

The Amazinators summer camp is turning up the STEAM in Margate, New Jersey. In one corner, kids were building robots and coding. 14 year old Bodhi Zappone had so much fun attending the camp last summer, he asked to volunteer this summer.  He researched how to help...

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