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Developing Strategies for Dyslexia

Special education teachers are developing strategies for dyslexia through training in the Orton-Gillingham approach to reading. Norwalk special education teachers received 30 hours of training from Literacy How of North Haven.  They are earning certifications with the...

Expanded Learning Opportunities with Robots

At summer camp, young scholars are taking advantage of expanded learning opportunities with robots. At Hastings College Scholars Academy, over two dozen students spent a week building robots and having them fight with other robots. For 13 year old Connor Hasenauer and...

Girls Know That Yes, It is Rocket Science

Girls know that yes, it is rocket science – at least at the GEMS camp for girls.  GEMS stands for  Girls Exploring Math and Science. In Ottumwa Iowa, nine women tell a crowd of 50 girls that math, science, and engineering are not just for men. Meantime,...

A Helping Hand Gives Homeless People a Second Wind

A helping hand gives homeless people a second wind, thanks to Holley High School students and the work they have done to build Second Wind Cottages, a haven for homeless men. A plot of land in Newfield, New York, contains tiny houses that are homes to homeless men....

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