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Teaching Kids How to Recognize Fake News

Many parents and teachers are finding that teaching kids how to recognize fake news is an essential skill in today’s media saturated world. The Center for News Literacy has made it a mission to help kids know how to check sources, find fake news, and evaluate credible...

Increased Number of K-8 Schools

There are an increased number of K-8 schools, as a result of needing to fill seats in formerly crowded school buildings.  Charter schools have been a siphon for some school systems, because they often welcome students from kindergarten through eighth grade. In Palm...

Taking Science Outdoors

Taking science outdoors is a favorite activity for River Forest Middle School teacher Jory Mathews. The first science experiment of the new school year took his sixth graders outdoors with a yard stick and a bouncey ball. It was day two of an experiment that had...

Teachers Exploring a Fab Lab

Over 130 teachers exploring a Fab Lab got a look at how they can use it to benefit their students. Ector County Independent School District STEM educators toured the Odessa College Fab Lab , viewing how students can make almost anything using 3D printers and computer...

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