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Kids Design Their Own Hovercraft

At Gouverneur Middle School, instead of sitting in classrooms, kids design their own hovercraft. Over 100 fifth graders designed, tested and then rode their hovercraft in the school gymnasium. The Hovercraft Project is a day long hands on workshop which develops team...

Classes in Entrepreneurship for Middle Schoolers

Classes in entrepreneurship for middle schoolers are coming to the Erie School District, as a pilot program was made possible by a $37,000 grant from United Way of Erie County. The program will start in January. Seventh graders will begin by reading the book, “Who...

A Back To School Surprise for Middle School Girls

Some teachers have a back to school surprise for middle school girls. At Simmons Middle School in Hoover, Alabama, girls will see a big difference in their bathroom. Whenever they wash their hands or apply lipstick at the sink, they will see the words “You are...

Professional Development for Teachers at EdCamp

Educators participated in an unscripted teaching workshop as Austin High School in Minnesota hosted professional development for teachers at EdCamp. There were several education sessions held at EdCamp Southeast Minnesota, where teachers learned how to use...

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