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Taking a Break With Your Students

Have you ever thought about taking a break with your students to eat lunch? Yes, you have a lot of things to do during these down times and sometimes you may not even eat lunch because you’re preparing.  Your teacher “me time” doesn’t need to...

Difficult Students Don’t Need More Attention

Difficult students don’t need more attention. Many times they are given too much attention and learning how to deal with them can save you and them some frustration. Here’s are some thoughts to help you handle the difficult students in your classroom. ...

Reasons to Stop Pep-Talking Difficult Students

The difficult student pep-talk can be like a solo conversation. They tend to shut down, and even the most well intended teachers don’t seem to be able to soften the blows of the student’s backslide. Concerned educators often try to give the pep-talk in...

Tips For Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Teacher burnout, which happens when stress and mental fatigue become more than occasional companions, strikes many thousands of teachers every year. Reports suggest roughly half of all teachers quit within five years due to teacher burnout. And it’s no wonder. Teacher...

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