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Checking Out Ukeleles from the School Library

Kids are checking out ukuleles from the school library, along with books. At Summit Lakes Middle School, library media specialist Christie Brown has found that checking out non traditional items increases the level of student interest in the library. “We have a...

Teachers Become Leaders in Technology

In the Newton School System, teachers become leaders in technology through the training they receive in the Leaders of Tomorrow program. The Innovative Leaders of Tomorrow Boot Camp was recently held to educate teachers and others in tools such as ClassFlow, Office...

Focusing on Career Pathways for Students

By focusing on career pathways for students, a superintendent believes she can impact students to utilize their education after graduation and be successful in what comes next. The superintendent of  Oxnard Union High School District, Penelope DeLeon, explains why...

Boosting Reading Skills and Literacy

The goal of recent teacher training in Schenectady is to be boosting reading skills and literacy. Teachers have discovered that when they get students to sit in small groups and discuss a book they have read, a lot goes into helping them develop the ability to have...

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