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Art and Science Create STEAM

Students are discovering that art and science create STEAM when combined for learning in new ways. At Holy Child Academy in Drexel, Pennsylvania, sixth graders are using Photoshop to turn a picture of their science teacher blue and give him a hair transplant.  The...

Designing to Learn at STEAM Camp

Students are designing to learn at STEAM camp, and they are learning that building an energy efficient tiny home model isn’t as easy it looks. In Santa Rosa County, Florida, students who will be Navarre High School freshmen in the fall were trying to figure out...

School Basement Becomes a New STEAM Lab

Next fall, a school basement becomes a new STEAM lab at Rapoport Academy in Waco, Texas. The North Elementary campus basement is scheduled to become a lab for science, technology, engineering, art, and math before school opens.  Construction is now underway so that...

Remaking Learning with STEAM

Students took a break from finals recently to participate in an initiative remaking learning with STEAM, otherwise known as science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Remake Learning Days is a two week long series of over 250 events held throughout southwest...

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