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Augmented Reality Training For Student Teachers

The University of Wyoming is preparing to use augmented reality training for student teachers, enabling them to “teach” a class of digital students projected onto a screen.  Each scenario is different, and the scenarios will be true to life, controlled by...

Morning Computer Club for Young Students

A morning computer club for young students is showing elementary school children how to learn computer coding and programming. At Theodore Roosevelt Elementary school, the club meets in the early morning, before school, twice a week.  Second and third graders attend...

One Book One Day

Students at Pawtucket Middle School in Rhode Island participated in the One Book One Day program, dedicating themselves to reading an entire book in one day for the love of reading.   Students read and lived Shelley Pearsall’s “All of the Above” while enjoying...

Getting a Jump Start on Ninth Grade

Some middle school students are getting a jump start on ninth grade, much like high school students take college classes and dual enroll at local universities. At Teasley Middle School in Canton, Shari Tolan leads a high school level physical science class. Students...

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