Homeschooling Resource Guide to Learn “How to Learn”

Building Brilliant Minds

Building Brilliant Minds has 6 extraordinary and unique enrichment courses to help homeschool teens build a brilliant mind.

If you’re looking for award-winning online and live courses, Mrs. G has photography, architechture, dancing, music, writing and more!

Building Brilliant Minds is the Parent and Teacher Choice Award winner from

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ABC Mouse is regularly ranked as the leading children’s learning app in Apple’s app store, ABCmouse is a comprehensive supplemental curriculum that encompasses reading/language arts, math, science, health, social studies, art and music.

Nearly 20 million children have learned using ABCmouse and research shows that children who use the program for just 45 minutes per week see significant gains in early literacy and math skills.

Now, the #1 early education app in the U.S. has a new, notable addition: Mastering Math, a section within ABCmouse that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately assess a child’s learning level and skills progress and provide them with challenges that directly address their specific needs.

Research shows that Mastering Math has helped accelerate students’ learning in math, with the greatest impacts found on the most difficult math skills. Ages 2-8, $9.95/month.

ABC Mouse is the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner from

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College Prep Genius

Did you ever want to ace your SAT or PSAT with a whole lot more certainty?

How about receive free money for college?

What about learn to answer the test questions correctly in 30 seconds or less? How about raise your SAT/PSAT scores dramatically?

Well, with College Prep Genius, the gold medal, Parent and Teacher Choice Award Winner from, you can do it all.

This brilliant course is affordable – far more than the rest out there, and very very effective. Jean Burke has been helping kids ace their tests and get free money for college for years! She shows you why you got questions right and why you got them wrong, and in the process, you learn what these tests are about.

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