Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014 is proud to bring you the

Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014

 Our Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014 includes some of the most

unique, fun and educational gifts and toys available today.

Our team reviews each of the best holiday gifts and toys in our guide so you will have the highest quality and right at your fingertips throughout the year.

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Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014

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  For your convenience, we have organized our Top 101 Best Holiday Gifts and Toy Guide 2014 into categories and by age group.

You’ll also find categories for books, boys, girls, teens, teachers, and technology for every age.

There is something for everyone!


paint a picture in just one hour

Paint a Picture in Just One Hour! 

Have you ever wanted to paint but did not know how? These 4 Easy steps in this remarkable digital book will teach you how to paint a picture in just one hour!

Ages 0-3

Less Mess Happy Mat

Less Mess Happy Mat

This bright mat suctions to the table and is made of easy to clean silicone.  Safe for baby, it is certified by CPSIA as non-toxic, PVC, BPA and phthalate free.  It is also microwave and dishwasher safe  for illustration.


7 A.M. Enfant Voyage Diaper Bag

Keep baby organized with the Voyager Bag

This attractive bag includes an insulated lunchbox, spaces for bottles, zippered compartments, and more.  An easy way to keep baby and the whole family organized in one place.


Stokke® Scoot

Stokke Stroller

This sturdy lightweight stroller is best for babies on the go!  Easily adaptable for facing two ways, protecting baby in comfort and style.


Slumber SlingSlumber Sling

Relieve neck stress for toddlers as they nod off in the carseat.  Safe, comfortable, stylish, and washable, the Slumber Sling is hand made with organic cotton in the USA





Tubby Table Toys

Tubby Table Toys

Educational Bath toy for toddlers, with secure suction cup that fastens to tub. Safe toy, makes bathtime fun



Safety Tats

These temporary tattoos are great ways to ensure that lost children can reconnect. Customizable so you can write phone number or special instructions for special needs children.  Use these as durable labels on items you want to keep track of too.  Waterproof, they are great for the beach or for a family trip to a theme park.



Joobles Organic Baby Cardigan Sweater – Jiffy the Giraffe

Hooded baby cardigan made from soft yarns, with whimsical giraffe hood. Hand-knit with love at small Peruvian fair trade cooperatives. Children of cooperative workers are helped by the Fair Indigo Foundation, which provides educational programs and supplies.


Zen Swaddle

Zen Swaddle Classic™ Collection

Zen Swaddle™ mimics the sensation of being held in your arms. Based on the medically proven benefits of simulated touch, its lightly weighted areas on either side and at the center provide the security they feel only in your arms. A smaller interior pouch keeps your baby’s legs snug during the first few weeks, while the extra long sack offers additional leg room to grow up to 29″.Made from 100% ultra soft cotton, washer and dryer safe




Great fun for a little baby! Take Winkel out of the fridge and let baby teeth on the rings. It is a rattle that can be squeezed, chewed, shaken, and played with in many ways!


Neo Tobbles

Neo Tobbles Stacking Toy

A lovely, bright, wobbly pile of pieces that easily fit into yur toddler’s hand and are easy to stack.  And so much fun to knock down!


Firetruck Jigsaw Shapes

Fire Truck Jigsaw Puzzle

Fire Truck puzzle has 12 interlocking pieces cut from plywood.  Bright designs printed right on the wood so images dont scratch off.  Each puzzle is shrink wrapped with drawstring pouch for easy storage.


Ages 3-8


Original Colorforms

Yes, this is just like the original set you remember!  Hours of fun, imaginative play – and you’ll want to play along!


Janod Magnetic Workbench Cart

Janod Magnetic Workbench Cart

From French toymaker Janod, this cart is perfect for the little fix it kid.  Comes with 23 accessories, and tools attach to the cart with hidden magnets.  Simple assembly required.


Puppet Folding Theater

HABA Doorway Puppet Theater

This set can fit in different size doorways, making it practical, easy to store and use, and fun to play with!  Put on a puppet show!


Mini Micro Kick Scooter

Mini Micro Classic Kickboard Scooter

This is the highest rated scooter designed for children ages 3-5.   Safety certified by the CPSC. The Mini Micro is recommended for children up to 44lbs.


Twistie Tips

 Twistie Tips

These clever Twistie Tips fit on top of shoe laces, jackets, or anything that needs to be kept from coming accidentally untied.  Keeps shoes on feet and coats secure. These come in a variety of styles – sports balls, animals, shapes, and the turtles shown.



Ziggle is not the usual tricycle.  With four caster wheels and an adjustable seat, it can spin 360 degrees and has a solid steel frame.  Twist the front and wiggle the back for fun travels


Pup TentIndoor Explorer Pup Tent

These whimsical tents are great for a rainy day! Colorful and easy to set up, kids can have hours of “camping out” indoors. Comes with a cotton canvas storage bag


 Crane SetCrane Set

This set comes with a crane, signs, concrete mixer and 2 figures of a foreman and a worker.  Crane has a pulley and can be twised 360 degrees and loaded with building materials.


Expedition Dino Expedition Dino

With a hammer and chisel that is provided, kids can “excavate” their very own dinosaur! Dig the Dino out of the rock. This is a fun game for the whole family with a 3D setup


Balancing Blocks Balancing Blocks

Ten faceted stone like shapes that allow kids to create their own sculpture. Comes with cotton drawstring bag.


Ages 8-12

Lego Downtown Bakery

Lego Friends Downtown Bakery

This is a fun Lego set that combines building with pretend play. Comes with lots of utensils, sign and canopy, cash register, phone, and cake stand.


Remote Controlled Robot

Remote Controlled Robot

Kids build their own robot, and then program it to perform up to 36 remote controlled actions.  Sound activated artificial intelligence makes this robot sing, kick a ball, turn, detect an obstacle.  Runs on batteries.


Balloon modeling kit

Balloon Modeling Kit 

Learn to amaze friends making swords, hats, poodles, or butterflies out of balloons!  Kit comes with 32 balloons, eye stickers, a hand pump and easy instructions.


3D art deco wall lights

3D Deco Superhero Wall Lights

These wall lights are a great decoration for your comic book fan’s room. A choice of Captain America Shield, Hulk Fist, Hulk Head, Iron Man Hand, Iron Man Mask, Spider-Man Hand, Spider-Man Head, or Thor Hammer. Sticker makes it look like it is coming out of the wall.


Dr Who Tardis Lunchbox

Doctor Who Tardis Lunchbox

Shaped like Tardis, your Whovian will appreciate this unique lunchbox.



Minecraft Papercraft Sets

This paper set transforms a desk into a physical minecraft world.  For ages 6 and up, this is a physical representation of what can be created on the computer.


Osmo Osmo

Arrange actual puzzle pieces into matching shapes on screen.  Osmo program comes with three games, and is available for iPad


Elf ocarina

Elf Ocarina

This 7.5 inch long tenor ocarina is tuned in the key of C Major, and has a pitch range of 13 notes.  Sharps and flats can also be performed. Inspired by Lord of the Rings, it Comes with instruction booklet and Lord of the Rings songbook.



Slackers 40′ Zipline Falcon Series Kit with Seat

Your backyard becomes adventureland with this sturdy zipline kit!  40 feet of line, and comes with a seat.  Hours of outdoor fun!



 Elenco Snap Circuits Light

Build over 175 experiments with light. Features: Infrared detector, strobe light, color changing LED, glow in the dark fan, fiber optics communication, color organ controlled by iPod or other MP3 player, voice.


Teens & Adults

Funky Socks

Funky Socks

These bright socks are designed by Philipp Fankhauser.  Make your outfit resound!  Feel the music in your toes!



This clever item is inspired by the traditional money clip but has a bigger capacity. It self compresses for easy storage.  Made in the USA

Olivia Cell Phone Wallet

Olivia Cell Phone Wallet

This stylish cell phone wallet holds an IPhone, credit cards and cash in a small space.  See through front cover for easy access


Handwarmer with Smart Phone Recharge

Hand Warmer With Smart Phone Recharge

No cold hands or smartphone!  This charger provides comfort on the go while giving a boost to a phone.  It is also a flashlight.  Compatible with all Androids, iPhones, and Blackberrys.  Rechargable battery


MicroChip Cufflinks

Microchip Cufflinks

For the tech minded teen or adult, these cufflinks say it all!  Detailed down to integrated circuits, tarnish resistant, and enamel and nickel plated.


Adam the Doodle Man

 Adam the Doodles Man

This sculpture is handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminum rivets.  Adam’s joints are flexible, and he can strike any pose.  Hold reminder notes, sits comfortably atop books and papers. 12 inches high



Lego Mindstorms

Create and command robots that walk, talk, think, and do just about any task you can imagine.  Comes with step by step 3D building instructions and programming interface.  Remote control included.


Estes Bandito Rocket

Estes Bandito Rocket

The high flying Bandito from Estes is easily assembled in under an hour.  From the E2X (Easy to Assemble) collection.  Mini engine powered rocket.


E Flite Blade Micro Helecopter

E-Flyte Blade Micro Helicopter

A great helicopter for the first time pilot, as well as the experienced flyer.  100% assembled and ready to fly out of the box. Comes with charger, transmitter, and 8 AA batteries.


Arts and Crafts

Beka Beginners Weaving Loom

Beka Beginner’s Weaving Loom

This loom is great for both beginning and experienced weavers.  Made of hard maple, loom is completely assembled with basic project started.  Made in the USA


 Crayon RocksCrayon Rocks

These “rocks in a box” are perfect for young hands, and come in a variety of colors.  Easy grip, vegan, and completely washable.


 Crayola Virtual Design Pro Car CollectionCrayola Virtual Design Pro Car Collection

Kids create their own original vehicle designs – and then can “drive” them with the included app! Includes 36 colored pencils, 20 markers, four stencils, a pencil sharpener, and a design sketchbook


Double Sided Easel

Double Sided Easel

This double-sided, adjustable-height easel. Includes a dry-erase board, chalkboard, locking paper-roll holder, child-safe paper cutter, and 4 easy-clip grips.


Kaleidograph Snowflake

Kaleidograph Snowflake

These die cut Kaleidograph Snowflakes can be arranged in multiple crystalline snowflake designs.  Great for decoration, family fun, and challenging matching games.


Fun Fish Funfish

Funfish is a unique fish home that cleans itself.  Great for Betas or goldfish

Cabana Style Pet Bed

Cabana Style Pet Bed

Natural banana leaf hut which includes a fleece covered zippered pillow.  Great for pets seeking a dark cozy retreat


Pet Pod with cushion

Paw Huts Pet Pod

This small bed is great for any small animal.  The pad inside is completely removable and washable.  Easy to clean, attractive, and comfortable



Guess Who BooksGuess Who Neighborhood

Fun that educates! Each book has special sections with a clue to be solved, and is sure to be a hit with toddlers who love animals


Amazing Grades

Amazing Grades

101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster for High School through College. Written by 101 experts from 13 countries around the world this book has been an international best-seller for the past two years!


Jackson's First Haircut

From the I am a STAR Personalized Book Series

Jackson’s First Haircut PERSONALIZED BOOK for your child 

Help your child overcome their jitters about their first haircut. This book is PERSONALIZED and available with your child’s name in the story and on the cover. If you type in the child’s name and rest of the title and don’t find it immediately, email us at iamastarbooks (at) and we will have one created for you right away and send you an email when it is ready!  You will also find other personalized books for your child like Jackson’s First Day of School. Note: This is a kindle book but you don’t need a kindle to read it – just grab their FREE reading app here and you can read it to your child on your computer, your tablet, iPad, or tablet.


Amazing Grades

Instant Learning for Amazing Grades

Use your personal learning styles to get higher grades in as little as 14 days!


Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Alexander has a terrible, horrible day, and this story is a perennial favorite.  If your children saw the movie, they will love the book.  You will too.


Math Facts Made Easy 255 x 255Math Facts Made Easy

Math Facts Made Easy: Learn Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division in HALF the Time!


Spelling Made Easy

Spelling Made Easy

Spelling Made Easy: Learn your words in HALF the time


The Phantom Tollbooth

The Phantom Tollbooth 

This award winning popular classic by Norton Juster is just right for school age kids learning language, math, and staying interested in it all! Whimsical illustrations by Jules Pfeiffer. Follow Milo and the watchdog “Tock” on their journey through the magic tollbooth gates


Goodnight Songs by Margaret Wise Brown

Goodnight Songs

These songs, written by Margaret Wise Brown are illustrated by twelve award winning picture book artists. This is a new find – previously unpublished song lyrics by the beloved author of Goodnight Moon.Sweet Dreams!


Blocks and Building

Straws and Connectors

Straws and Connectors Set

Fun to use heavy duty straws anc connectors can be put together in an infinite variety of possibilities.  Build houses, rockets, bridges, framework ideas for other projects, or invent your own idea!


Brio Builder Construction kit

Brio Builder Construction Set 

Build anything your mind can imagine with this set.  Includes building pieces including nuts, bolts, a hammer and a screwdriver.


Lego Technic Cargo Plane

Lego Technic Cargo Plane

More than a model, this is the most advanced Lego Technic plane yet, with many real world functions.  Comes with a joystick controlling flaps and elevators. Power Functions motors open the cargo bay, retract the landing gear, and spin the propellers.  Rebuilds into a Transport Hovercraft


Rokenbok Get Rok'n Young Builder Set

Rokenbok Get Rok’n Young Builder Set

Rokenbok is a construction set that grows with your child and jumpstarts imagination. Box includes blocks, figures, and accessories to build whatever the imagination can conceive of!


Talk About Giving Game

Talk About Giving Game

This game is a great way to share and connect with the whole family.  Great for teaching kids about financial planning, giving, philanthropy, and building meaningful connections


Kids Glow in the Dark Pajamas

Kids Glow in the Dark Constellation Pajamas

These cotton pajamas have a galaxy of glow in the dark constellations. Great for young astronomers


Junior Scientist Lab Kit

Junior Scientist Lab Kit

Great for science at home!  Includes huge 256 page instruction book more than 300 experiments in ecology, magnetism, physics, solar energy, and electricity.  Has components of a real lab. Parents Choice Award Winner.


Sago Soundbox

Sago Mini Sound Box

This little box will delight baby like no other!  Shake and tap for chimes, horns, drums, and animal sounds.  If you choose the piano or chimes, you can play a scale by tapping from one edge of the screen to the other side.


Pirate Learning Deck Cards

Pirate Learning Deck Cards

Fun Card game lets kids practice beginning consonant and vowel sounds in the pictured words. There’s an element of surprise to this game. If the Sunken Ship card turns up, game over!



USA Jumbo Collage Map

Use this clever map to teach about the role of delegates vs popular vote in the USA electoral process. Blank states can be colored red or blue  separately and marked with the number of delegates. Then put them together for a huge 40″ by 60″ map of the USA. Comes with teachers guide and letters to spell USA


Robot Turtles

Robot Turtles

This is the coding game everyone is talking about.  Robot Turtles is for little programmers.  Its a great introduction to coding basics, and kids have fun trying to move the turtle to its matching jewel


Spy Night Goggles

Spy Gear Night Goggles

These goggles are perfect for seeing in the dark!  Push button light beams a blue ray to light up the dark up to 25 feet away


Sun Art

Sun Art Paper

Add some sunshine and water, and see what prints!  Make pressed leaves, or other shapes and pattern.  This is photo paper which develops naturally with sun exposure.  Great way to teach kids about light, art, prints, nature.


Deluxe Microscope

Deluxe Microscope

Helps children practice coin recognition, addition, subtraction and place value with 4 engaging games


Extreme Secret Formula Lab

Extreme Secret Formula Lab

This is the first chemistry kit for kids, safe and educational.  Also, it’s very entertaining.  Kids can mix ordinary ingredients found in the kitchen to form glowing slime, invisible ink, technicolor foam, and edible rock candy.  Includes mix and measure scoop, glow in the dark powder, test tubes with soft lids, and a 24 page booklet.


Insect Observation Kit

Insect Observation Kit

This observation dome has a real microscope with a 360 degree swivel to better observe the insects.  Made in Holland from 65% recycled plastic.  Statement on the box says to “be careful with animals, return them to nature after your observation”.


Rootvue Farm

Root Vue Farm

See carrot, radish, and onion seeds grow up while the roots grow down!  Self watering system with special view window.  Great to show how roots grow and learn about plants


Giant NYC Coloring Poster

Giant NYC Coloring Poster

This giant poster is a big size for the Big Apple!  Measures 39.51 x 71 inches, and is a sure hit for kids interested in city design.  Whimsical map has all the buildings and landmarks in detail,  A fun project for the family


Collection of Rocks and MineralsCollection of Rocks and Minerals

This is an impressive starter collection of rocks and mineral for the budding geologist. Specimens are number coded for cross reference with included identification sheet.  Comes with streak plate, magnet, magnifier, and handbook.



Machi Koro

Machi Koro

In this competitive strategy game, players build a city with a die and a set of cards. The city starts with a wheat field and bakery and grows to become the largest city in the region.  Players manage their own resources – and maybe use some of their neighbors…



Match colors and shapes with strategy! Player with the most points wins! Ages 6 and up.


Story Cubes


A fun non competitive game for players of all ages


Apples to Apples Big PictureApples to Apples Big Picture

This is a whole new way to play Apples to Apples. For the first time, the whole family will be able to make hilarious comparisons by playing outrageous picture cards.




Place pieces on the board, each touching at least one other piece of the same color, only at the corners.  The goal is to get rid of all your pieces, and the game ends when all players are blocked from laying down any more pieces.  Great for logic and spacial perception and developing tactical skills!


Dolls and Pretend Play

Construction Worker Vests

Construction Worker Vests

Here’s some fun for budding builders!  Kids can play construction worker with this bright orange, machine-washable, vest high-lighted with reflective material and a tool belt, a yellow hard hat, goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a name tag for personalizing.


Barbie Dreamhouse

Barbie Dreamhouse

Beautiful luxury dollhouse for Barbie is totally renovated!  Three levels of fully furnished rooms, lights and sounds, a center elevator, a separate elevator for fashion, and yes, the ultimate closet!


Elsa Mini Doll Frozen Playset

Elsa Mini Doll Frozen Playset

The classic oven has been updated to be light bulb-free and comes with yummy mixes and pans for cooking up all kinds of sweet treats!



ZipIt Bed

ZipIt Bed

Zips in seconds, making neat bedmaking easy for kids. Washable, includes zippered side pockets, and glows in the dark! Easy fit for bunk beds.


Robin Wilson Home Hypoallergenic Lightweight Warmth Down-Alternative Comforter

Robin Wilson Home Hypoallergenic Comforters and Pillows

These luxurious pillow cases and comforters are hypoallergenic and feature a chemical-free cotton barrier fabric that protects against pet dander, dust mites, and other microscopic allergens.


Cheeky Tableware

Cheeky Tableware

Convenience and style in paper and plastic tableware – and help a good cause.  For every Cheeky product sold, the manufacturer will donate to a hunger relief organization



Math signs and numbers tie

Math Signs and Numbers Tie

The perfect gift for a math teacher.


Crystal apple clock

Crystal Apple Clock

This crystal apple clock is a beautiful gift to show appreciation and looks great on any desk.

 Technology and Apps

Casio graphing Calculator

Casio Colored Graphing Calculators

Graphing Calculators in attractive colors.  Perfect for high school student.


CamalapseThe Camalapse

Now you can make a smooth timelapse video with your smartphone!  This is a simple rotating stand for your iPhone or compact camera. Take panning timelapses anywhere.  Rotates 360 degrees in an hour.



Smart Phone Projector

An update on Grandma and Grandpa’s old slide shows!  This slide projector mounts your smartphone and creates a slide show for all to enjoy your photos. A contemporary experience in retro style!


3D Printing Pen

The World’s First 3D Printing Pen

The only pen that creates three dimensional plastic drawings!  Instead of ink, this pen releases warm thremoplastic that will harden in seconds.  You can create three dimensional freehand drawings.


Punk Wireless Speaker

PUNK Wireless Speaker

PUNK portable speaker is smaller, tougher, and louder than you expect.  Goes anywhere and everywhere.  Your music will be heard.


phone fetcher

Phone Fetcher  

Never lose track of your phone again.  This stylish accessory plugs into your phone and clips onto your bag. Assorted colors



Life 360 App

This app keeps your family organized.  No more frantic text messages back and forth.  Just update the app and the entire circle of people you want to connect to can see the message, appointment, or change in schedule




This convenient GPS tracker can be used to keep kids safe, or keep track of valuable items.  Put one in your purse, or use with your phone, laptop, or other valuables.  Establish safe zones and get notifications when the Ezoom enters or leaves an area.


camelio tablets

Vivitar Camelio Tablet

This unique Android tablet can be customized with up to five different “personality packs”. (Hello Kitty is shown here) Each separately sold pack includes customized wallpaper, widgets, lock screens, camera and photo editor and a themed bumper case. In addition, each tablet includes themed games, built in Wifi, a camera, and parental controls.  Great tablet for the whole family.


Kindle Fire HDX 8.9Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

Highest resolution of all the Fire Tablets, this new generation HDX 8.9 boasts dynamic image contrast, which makes it easier to see any image outdoors


Sparkup Reader

Sparkup Reader

 Spark up kids books with added connections to distant grandparents or loved ones.  Let kids listen to their favorite books being read aloud by the people they love!

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