Top 101 Best Special Needs Websites 2013

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Top 101 Best Special Needs Websites 2013

Our team personally reviews each site, so that you know these sites are of the highest quality and have the top 101 best special needs websites as your go-to resource right at your fingertips throughout the year.

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD Treatment

Advice, resources, diagnostic and treatment options for ADHD from Annick Vincent, M.D.



Award winning Baby Kneez provide soft, “stay on all day” protection for all children! Available in 9 colors, they are fun for kids to wear with anything, or can be concealed under clothing.  Baby Kneez provide a gentle, uniform, and comfortable hold, to satisfy even the most sensitive children.  Not too bulky, yet very protective, your child can brave new milestones with confidence, and we guarantee it!



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DreamCatcher Weighted Blankets manufactures both custom and pre-made weighted products that provide a natural , drug free option to obtain sleep and relaxation . We cater to individuals and medical facilities and offer both retail and wholesale pricing. Our unique designs and products are handcrafted  by a team of professional seamstresses, using the highest quality materials at our location in  Montana USA and are shipped worldwide. 




Living Above Disorder is dedicated to assisting children and their families in achieving their goals holistically especially those who are living with special needs or other barriers to success. We offer social groups, develop programs, provide workshops, and support groups both directly to families and in collaboration with schools and community organizations. In addition, we provide professional development and leadership training to school and community organization staff; bringing performance into alignment on all levels.




When Logic, Love and Patience have not been enough to help you and your child with ADHD, PTS Coaching provides the tools, strategies, and resources to build on children’s innate strengths and potential while reducing the chaos, stress and challenging behaviors.  PTS Coaching offers excellent Parenting Workshops, Individual Coaching and Educational support that give parents, teachers and children a unique understanding of ADHD, Executive Functioning, and their impact on children’s behavior and performance.  Visit for more details.



Top 101 Best Educational Websites

Any Time is the Right Time for Time4Learning! Because membership includes a full year’s worth of curriculum, you can start & stop whenever you like and use it based on your family’s unique needs! Enjoy 24/7 access to three grade levels worth of materials in each subject, parent tools, teaching resources and more– all provided within an automated online system that grades lessons and keeps reports. Get details



SPECIAL NEEDSTime4Writing offers 8 week courses taught online by certified teachers. Students get one-on-one instruction and personalized feedback in a student-paced environment. From the basics of grammar to writing an essay for the SAT, the courses are designed to help students master the art of writing at all levels.  Courses start daily, so students can enroll any time and begin right away. Get details.



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Verticy Learning is an educational solution for children who struggle with reading, writing, spelling, or dyslexia. Verticy has two options: a complete homeschool curriculum for Grades 3 – 8 that includes all subjects – and a supplemental intervention curriculum for reading, writing or math.

Verticy meets your student where they are and moves them towards their academic goals. Students will gain skills that were previously out of reach, and make progress on becoming independent learners.  


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A leading educational website (and free to use), VocabularySpellingCity offers a fun and easy way to practice vocabulary, spelling and writing. Parents can create and share spelling lists or use those already provided. Students benefit from hearing over 45,000 words and 60,000 definitions used in 26 learning games. Annual Premium Memberships are available for $29.99 (up to 5 kids) and include an ad-free learning environment, premium games, automated grading & record keeping and more. Get details.





The Science4Us curriculum is a complete, standards-based, core science curriculum that delivers digital science experiences to early elementary students. Science4Us also includes training for parents, embedded and on-demand, that provides all the pieces they’ll need to confidently and effectively lead science discussions. Automated student reports, easy-to-follow lesson plans and suggestions for hands-on investigations are also included. With no contracts and the ability to cancel anytime, you’ll love almost as much as your children will!


Top 101 Best Special Needs Websites 2013 



BEST SN WEBSITES 2013 600 x125


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