Top 101 Special Needs Websites – Spring 2011 is proud to present the Top 101 Special Needs Websites – Spring 2011.

We scoured the web, and personally review and approve each site to bring you the best educational resources online.

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top 101 best websites

Activity Toys and Dolls for Special Needs Children
Down syndrome dolls and other dolls as special as your child is.
Educational and sensory toys, play skills and activities.
Multi-Sensory and Special Needs toys and Sensory Integration Kits.

ADD/ADHD online software for attention, focus and memory.
Edu-therapeutics is a specialized learning system that enables parents and teachers to resolve learning and ADHD issues.
Advice, resources, diagnostic and treatment options for ADHD from Annick Vincent, M.D.
Frank Barnhill, M.D, author of Mistaken for ADHD, provides practical articles and answers to your specific questions about ADHD and whether the diagnosis could be a mistake.
Teen help articles, newsletters, and games for students with ADHD and ADD.
Stephen Guffanti, M.D.’s website for parents and teachers to determine whether their child has ADHD.

Asperger’s Syndrome
Resources and information for parents who have children with Asperger’s Syndrome.
World-renowned author, Tony Attwood, provides resources, workshops and support groups for people with Asperger’s Syndrome, parents and partners.
Books, CD’s, DVD’s, Toys and more for children, teens an adults with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Augmentative Communication
Portable communications aid for children with developmental disabilities.

Social and language skills with scientifically proven video modeling techniques.
FREE autism symptom list, plus communication games, fun social skills and feelings products.
Services, training and resources for individuals with an autism spectrum disorder.
Fact sheet on neurological disorders including autism and asperger’s
One of the largest sites in the world providing information on science, awareness, advocacy, clinical trials and family services for those with autism.

Autism Fitness Programs and Resources
Enhance your child’s or student’s cognitive abilities through fun fitness program.
How to set up a fitness program at home or school for your child with autism

Autism Transformation Resources and Services
New generation of resources and treatment services to simplify your life with autism, asperger’s, ADHD, and neurodevelopmental disorders. FREE Video Series

Autism Resources for Parents and Teachers
Resources for parents and teachers with children on the autism spectrum
including social stories, lesson plans, behavior tips, sensory activities,
games and more.

Large bookstore with books and dvds on every special need

Dr. Kathy Seifert provides five steps to help your child cope with bullying

Fact and treatment information on this math learning disability
Information, resources and free rating scale for parents and teachers

Assessment, resource kits and suggested reading on dysgraphia.
Information, assessment, forums, counseling and handwriting groups for people with Dysgraphia.
Learning strategies, printable resources and real stories from students with Dysgraphia

Full description from National Institutes of Health on Dyslexia
A charity which provides information, clinics and research for those with dyslexia.
Resources and advice on dyslexia and other learning disabilities from the perspective of a dyslexic.
Eight hour online or DVD course for both teachers and parents on how to use dyslexia’s gifts to read with ease

Educational Software
Educational software for all ages, in all subjects, including hearing impaireFREE shipping.
Assistive technology for all special needs.
Help students read and write with assistive technology framework

Handwriting Solutions for All Special Needs
Handwriting program and solutions for special needs children and adults

Homeschooling Medical Doctor created this program to ensure that your child reads at or above grade level
Homeschooling kids with disabilities resources
Curriculum and resources for children with special needs of all types


FREE Multiplication Games
Extensive site with YouTube videos to learn various subjects.
FREE Parent and teacher materials to help kids with special needs
FREE teaching resources for special education
The only association which serves adults with special needs. Community association with help for technical needs, advocacy, professional development and communication.
Online elementary program that individualizes instruction automatically and helps your child build the skills they need in reading and math.
Special needs data tracking software
Learning RX has training which rewires the brain and changes lives


FREE Multiplication Games

Computer based music creation for children with special needs
Resources, presentations and graduate level classes on using music to work with special needs students.
Sheet music, software, creative projects, links and sharing of music created by special needs students.
Special needs music therapy for the home and classroom.
Lessons, workshops and music performances by students with special needs.

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
National OCD Foundation – Community, Facts, Treatments and Resources

ODD – Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Facts on ODD
The Total Transformation Treatment Program
American Association of Child and Adolescent Pyschiatry information on treatment for ODD

Toys, DVD’s and resources for families and children diagnosed with PDD.
Individual and group therapy programs for children diagnosed with PDD and Autism spectrum disorders.
Practical resources for patients and families who live with various forms of PDD
National Institutes of Health PDD Information, facts, treatment, prognosis and clinical trials

Bookstore, information and discussion forums on a range of different phobias.
Discussion forums, downloadable resources, week-by-week recovery plan and group calls for those who suffer from Agoraphobia.

FREE educational handouts for teachers and parents!
Free printables for all ages.
A place to share special needs materials and printables.
FREE flashcards that are perfect for special needs classrooms.
Adaptable lesson plans for special needs children.

Articles, resources, research and services for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
International Non-profit offering services to survivors of trauma and victimization.
Educational information and courses on PTSD.

5 Minutes to better reading skills and proven systems to end school struggles in minutes a day.
A “Learning By Doing” reading program for children with special needs.
News and reading resources for parents and teachers of special needs children.
Information and examples of reading comprehension strategies for children with special needs.

Special Needs Store
A wide variety of unique resources and products for special needs kids.
Travel gear for families who have children with special needs.

Special Needs
Fun, award-winning educational software and learning materials for special needs kids
Run by parents with special needs children and includes information, Apps and links.
Offers training, resources and advocacy for parents and professionals.
Offers a range of services from residential placements to day care for young adults with special needs.
SNA is a non-profit organization that connects families of special needs patients with attorneys who practice disability law.
The # 1 website to get reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.
Offers health services to children with special needs.
Provides children with special needs and their families with valuable resources and information.
Information and resources for troubled teens

Speech and Language
Easy-to-use speech and language therapy materials, including Fun Decks® games, software and more for kids with special needs.
Online magazine for speech and language specialists and students
Resources for professionals and students.
Offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapy services for children with speech and language disorders.
Assessment, individual and group therapy, and parent and teacher support groups.

Sensory Integration
Extensive store of sensory goods, including weighted blankets, which help people with autism and sensory integration disorders.
Sensory processing resource center including information on diagnosis.
Art supplies, balance toys, Autism awareness products and more.
Therapy, exercise and special education products for children with special needs.
Sensory Integration products for children, teens and adults.
Sensory and special needs toys for schools, hospitals and homes.

Tourette Syndrome
National Tourette Syndrome Association – Facts, resources, community
Dr. Ray Sahelian’s tourette syndrome treatment page

Unique Toys
Toys which inspire fun and learning during early childhood development
Fine motor, language and communication toys for children with special needs.