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Bookful app parent and teacher choice award winner

Talk about helping kids to love reading!

As the reading specialist member of our Parent and Teacher Choice Team who evaluated this Bookful App, I was absolutely mesmerized by the extraordinary beauty and effectiveness of this app.

Even as an adult, I loved reading this way. Every imaginable learning modality is included deepening the learning experience and opening the gateway for an extraordinary love of books!

You install the Bookful Mobile App for IOS and Android, and subscribe to the thousands of books they have in their library!

Voila – the book comes alive with 3 D images, and both male and female voices reading the words aloud.

You can move the book, zoom in and out, rotate it and switch between 3 D mode and AR (augmented reality which allows you to see the images any where around you).

Plus – there’s fantastic music to add to the experience!

But wait – there’s more!!!

Not only do you see an image of the book with the words on the left, on the right the images move in 3 D and the words are also printed out at the bottom of your phone screen! Plus you can switch around between 3 D and AR!

Keep reading… this gets better and better! There are spelling and coloring games, you can read the book yourself or select narration mode.

One other strategy that will actually help your child become a better reader later on was included in the instructions for how to use the Bookful App.

Great readers tend to tilt their reading material to about a 45 degree angle. The tilt assists the way the light hits the retina of the eye, and this is a long-known strategy to help people read – and also read faster.

According to Bookful App, they are Bookful is the leading AR library for children, using Augmented Reality and 3D animations to bring books to life for children ages 3-9.

Bookful makes reading more fun, exciting and helps readers gain a better understanding of the book’s content.

Parents, teachers and children love how Bookful turns kids’ screen time into an active learning experience.

The library of books includes well-known titles such as The Tale of Peter Rabbit, DK Children’s Encyclopedia, Hey Ho to Mars We’ll Go, Clark the Shark and many more.

We can’t say enough good things about Bookful App and recommend that every parent, teacher and child caretaker, install this app and help kids become the great readers they are meant to be!

Your child gets a real advantage in your quest to help them love reading and increase their comprehension when using the Bookful App!

Reading specialists know that great readers turn the words on a page into images – it makes understanding and recall much easier and faster according to neuroscience.

Bookful App is designed to enhance reading skills and encourage kids to turn the words into images so they can automatically do this as they learn to read! Your child will not only have a lot of fun with this app, the skills embedded inside will serve them for a lifetime.

Bookful Mobile App is the unanimous choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Awards from – Click here to get the Bookful app and learn more!

You worked hard to make your product one that helps change lives! Give your product the recognition it deserves and feature it to over 2.4 MM parents, teachers and homeschoolers.

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