Building Brilliant Minds Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Building Brilliant Minds

Building Brilliant Minds wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from

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building brilliant minds wins parent and teacher choice award

Building Beautiful Minds Online is a spectacular site for every parent and student.

If your child loves building and architecture, or your want to give them a generous head start into world of architecture, this is precisely the high quality Introduction to Architecture course you want them to take.

Building Beautiful Minds Online wins our hearts as the finest online architecture we know of for kids ages 12 and older.

While Mrs. Gillispie (Mrs. G), with her years of experience, has numerous online programs on her site to inspire creativity, musicians, artists, photographers, and dancers, our Parent and Choice Team evaluated the Introduction to Architecture​ course .

All we can say is that this course “rocks”! No pun intended! (OK – well maybe).

Your child will receive a strong a architectural design foundation through architectural projects, architectural sketching and research.

Kids receive a grade in this course and it includes six to ten hours of work suggested for each of the nine lessons.

Students may take this course over nine or eighteen weeks individually or according to the schedules for Zoom classes.

By the end of the course, students will have an idea of the architectural periods throughout history, a strong foundation in drawing and modeling techniques, will have completed a final architectural design project in the form of plans, elevations and models and will have exposure to a project based learning experience from which to build.

Lesson Format

Students write a paragraph/paper related to the historical time period of the lesson.

They create a scrapbook of architectural sketches of buildings from the given time period and are required to complete an architectural design project for each lesson .** They complete the course with a final design project.

What we really appreciate is that the projects build upon each other while teaching the elements of architecture.

If you are homeschooling your student, they earn usually 1/2 the high school credit.

If you are not homeschooling your child, (or even if you are), the work in this course will provide accomplished examples of student work for college applications and AP Art Portfolios.

Doesn’t get much better than this does it? Bravo Building Brilliant Minds Online Intro to Architecture Course!

Building Brilliant Minds Online Introduction to Architecture Course is unanimously chosen as the gold medal winner from the Parent and Teacher Choice Award team.

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