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Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Award

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Cool Kind Kid

bullying prevention

Cool Kind Kid is an outstanding bullying-prevention and social skills website, with so many products our Parent Teacher Choice Team loves!

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When we received the Bullying Prevention Tips book and Cool Kind Kid Handbook, along with the many other items that accompanied them, we were delighted to see the numerous, creative ways that kids can learn to be kind – and cool!

Barbara Gilmour has created a treasure trove of materials to help kids learn social skills, and how to become stellar citizens who do not bully other people.

In addition to the books and CD, check out the awesome placemats with the polite and right words to use during meals, questions on them for kids to answer, Cool Kind Kid Challenge bracelets, and nifty bookmarks with tips on how to be a “cool kind kid”,

On the website, you will also find a wonderful game for kids ages 4+, with social skills cards tht break the cycle of bullying by redefining “cool”. site and all their products are unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team

You worked very hard to make your product one that makes a difference in children’s lives so share it with over 2 M visitors.

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