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Easy Grammar Systems Books Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards



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These four books from Easy Grammar Systems are simply the best and most comprehensive we’ve seen to master all forms of grammar in the first grade, the 5th and the 9th.

The books are all exceptionally organized and reproducible. Students build on their skills and can easily succeed!

Easy Grammar Grade 1 Teacher edition teaches concepts in 180 daily lessons, one for each school day.  

What we love is that this book is reproducible for student use and designed to be a 10 minute lesson!

Dr. Wanda Phillips designed the 10-minute lessons for parents/teachers to complete with children and offers extensive recommendations for teaching effectively.

The easy format addresses capitalization, punctuation, grammar/other concepts, and sentence combining in a building-block, cyclical learning paradigm.

This benefits students in understanding concepts easily and in using their language correctly.

Easy Grammar Grade 5 Teacher Edition presents concepts in a unit format, using the prepositional approach.

Incorporating an escalator paradigm, students learn by understanding a concept’s most basic skill first, building understanding as each new “discrete skill” is taught.  

Children also learn easily because concepts are introduced (sometimes pre-taught), reviewed, and applied throughout. Children love this paradigm and quickly learn to speak and to write correctly.

Daily GRAMS: Guided Review Aiding Mastery Skills Grade 5 Teacher Edition text offers students 180 days in a 10-minute, daily review.  

Students can usually complete a GRAM on their own; the parent/teacher discusses the concepts (lesson) with them.  

It is also designed in a cyclical learning style, the review includes using capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and other concepts.  

Sentence combining, on a daily basis, also is beneficial in that it improves students’ quality of writing. This cyclical style of learning allows for stronger synaptic formations in the brain.  

The result is an easy, yet thorough, understanding that promotes mastery. As in all of Dr. Phillips’s texts, the goal is to help students to speak and to write correctly.

Easy Grammar Ultimate Series Dr. Wanda Phillips designed Easy Grammar Ultimate Series to teach capitalization, punctuation, grammar, other concepts, and sentence combining to ensure mastery learning.  

Students complete short, 10-minute lessons daily for 180 days. They learn concepts in a cyclical manner, making it easy for them to review and apply as well as expand new concepts.  

Because the secondary level should focus on writing and literature, the Ultimate Series ascertains that students still maintain their language at mastery level.

In addition, sentences are interesting; students learn history, culture, geography, science, nutrition, music, art, and other subjects as well.  The Ultimate Series ensures that students learn to use grammar, mechanics, and sentence structures correctly both in their speaking and writing. 

See all the Easy Grammar Systems book here.

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