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El Duo Fiel

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“El Duo Fiel” is a beautiful, heartfelt Spanish poem any reader will love and it is and especially appropriate for both Immersion and Spanish Literature students.

The author, Patricia Lopez, wrote this poem about the lives of her parents, their traditions and their faith during the journey of their lives.

What is very helpful for Spanish language learners is the repetition which allows students to practice and acquire the language while engaging in discussions about the poem.

A comprehension-based reader. (CI) = the book is strategically written with an exceptionally LOW unique word count combined with an unusually HIGH frequency factor which equals the number of times core words are repeated within a text.

One review, among the five-star reviews on Amazon states: “EL Duo Fiel”, “The Faithful Couple” tells the story of a young couple following the traditions of their family….

The story is told in beautiful prose and so clearly communicates their reality, their joy, their hardships and their enduring faith. I recommend this book for Spanish language learners.

The repetition of vocabulary will enhance language acquisition and the subject matter is sure to stimulate discussion.”

Our Parent and Teacher Choice team loves truly unique items to help students learn new languages and this poem should be included as part of any curriculum!

Unanimously Chosen by The Parent and Teacher Choice™ Awards Team

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