Coach John Baxter M.S.Ed.

Coach John Baxter M.S.Ed. is the founder of the Academic Gameplan at and best-selling author of I Hate School: How a College Football Coach Inspires Students To Value Education And Become Lifelong Learners.

Driven by his desire to inspire people to achieve competitive excellence in all areas of life by connecting them to the big picture of education Coach John Baxter created exciting, fun, and useful outcomes that repurpose a tired system with true purpose and meaning that last.

After witnessing countless players struggle with the same problems year after year, Coach John Baxter was determined to offer a solution for student athletes.

In the process of working with his athletes on why and how to be both great athletes and student athletes, he discovered that the #1 job of a teacher is to inspire future learning.  That is what Coach John Baxter has done through the creation of Academic Gameplan.

Student GPS

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Designed to inspire through a new approach towards education that is fresh and purpose driven.  AGP 101 teaches Life Skills that result in immediate and lasting success for student athletes and all students who want better results in their lives.

The Ultimate SolutionWe’ve observed that young people are disconnected from the meaning of school.

The Ultimate Solution in the Academic Gameplan offers parents easy solutions to help their student athletes see the big picture. Visit Coach John Baxter and his site AcademicGamePlan today.

Favorite Books:

Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will by Jack Welch

Lead for Gods Sake by Todd Gongwer

Blink by Malcolmb Gladwell

 Favorite Quotes:

“You can’t talk your way out of something you’ve behaved your way into.”

“As emotion goes up intelligence goes down.” 

“Be the hammer, not the nail.”

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