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Eyeball It! Art is a real studio art program for young people age 7-12 and it is FREE!

We love that it addresses the need for more visual art education, that it is individualized and can be guided by any adult.

Each program has a series of month-long Projects and single-session Drawing Exercises for children to do with a parent or other interested adult, either individually or in a group setting.

Children learn to look, think, paint, sculpt, draw and collage directly about their experience of their world and their own imaginations. For young people, studio art cultivates creative thinking and problem-solving, confidence making real art on their own, and belief in the value of their own visual expression.

Eyeball It! Art adds an essential ‘A’ (Art) to help transform the ‘STEM’ education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) children receive in school into comprehensive ‘STEAM’ education.

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