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Does Your Child Do This With Math Facts?

1. Write their facts down 10 or more times each?

2. Use flashcards at home and seem to know the facts before the test?

3. Practice their facts aloud just before the test with you at home, and then forgets them during the test?

If your child struggles recalling their math facts during their test in school, there is just one reason – they are using a learning styles strategy that does not work. Students who get A’s on their math facts tests use a visual strategy that makes recall faster and easier.

Best selling author of Amazing Grades, Spelling Made Easy: Learn Your Words in Half the Time, and college professor, Pat Wyman, has used the Math Facts Made Easy book to help over half a million students higher grades on their math facts tests and higher standardized test scores.

Listen to what teachers and parents have to say about Math Facts Made Easy:

“I use the visual exercises with my class on a regular basis, and they literally beg me for more. I’m sure Pat Wyman’s strategies helped the fourth graders at our school get the highest standardized math test scores in the entire state!”
— W. Powell, Teacher


“If you’re paying high prices for tutoring, you may want to reconsider. This book saved us thousands of dollars because the strategies were so easy to use, and they work! Our son went from C’s and D’s To A’s!”
— M. Lua, Parent

“Just tested both kids from the Math Facts Made Easy book and Workbook and their memory box is up left. Did 5 addition with my son and he got 100% correct! This may help him bring up his grades from Ds and Cs in math! Thank you How to Learn!”   – Brad Polina, parent


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