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Geocube from Colemoi – Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards



GEOCUBE is made of 25 magnetic cubes with different colored geometric patterns. You can create or reproduce models and vertical constructions by yourself or play with a friend!

Educational benefits :

Geocube helps kids learn and recognize geometric shapes and colors. Kids can reproduce figures by assembling geometric shapes to match a pattern in 2D and 3D. We love that this wonderful toy teaches kids spatial orientation which will really be helpful later on in geometry! Kids learn the concept of background, plan, negative / positive, notions of symmetry, pixelation. concepts of contrast and shadow!

Description :

Geocube consists of a set of 25 reversible magnetic cubes  printed with 5 geometric shapes composed of 1 isosceles triangle, 1 right triangle, 1 circle, 1 semi-circle and 1 quadrant allowing to realize predetermined models or make personal compositions.

Each goecube cube is printed on 4 sides by the same geometric shape based on a positive/negative color pair, ie black/white and white/black, red/white and white/red, pink/purple and purple/pink as well as orange/green and green/orange. The upper face of the cube is black while the underside is white.

Geocube is Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team from

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