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Glaciers Earth’s Water Book and Online Digital Experience – Winner Parent and Teacher Choice Awards



Glaciers Earth’s Water book by Christine Webster from is both a book and unique online digital experience where readers are taken to a live video and audio experience and our Parent and Teacher Choice Team loves it! 

The more learning modalities a child can experience the book in, the deeper the learning experience. What we especially appreciate is that the digital experience helps kids feel as if they are actually visiting the glaciers of the world! They can even do hands-on experiments! Plus, unique key vocabulary words are included, thus improving reading and learning.

Glacier’s Earth’s Water is a gorgeous hardcover book from and once you have the book, you look on page two for the access code and head over to and enter the code.

Voila! A comprehensive digital learning experience appears, including google maps of where glaciers are in the world.

Lightbox is an all-inclusive digital solution for the teaching and learning of curriculum topics in an original, groundbreaking way. The program is based on National Curriculum Standards.

Lightbox is a content delivery system, designed and engineered to be robust and reliable. It is optimized for tablets, whiteboards, and computers. The possibilities in this kind of learning environment are endless.

Glaciers cover about 5.8 million square miles (15 million square kilometers) of Earth.

One glacier can be as large as an entire continent. Learn more in Glaciers, one of the titles in the Earth’s Water series.

This series explores the many forms water takes through informative text, visual diagrams, and hands-on experiments.

Lightbox digital titles including Glaciers Earth’s Water book come packed with fully integrated media features, including embedded videos, slide shows, child-safe web links, contextual key word definitions, and the entire body of the text read aloud.

Unique features of Lightbox enable students to virtually visit locations with Google Maps.
Lightbox helps students learn with layered transparencies of maps, diagrams, charts, and timelines.

Glaciers Earth’s Water book and digital experience is Unanimously Chosen by the Parent and Teacher Choice Award Team from

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