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Handee Band Fitness Band Exercise Kit is the Gold Medal Winner for the Parent and Teacher Choice Awards from HowtoLearn.com

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Handee Band Fitness Exercise Kit is part of a line of fitness toys for kids! Parents, teachers, occupational therapists and coaches love it!

Sometimes, getting kids to exercise and stay fit can be tricky, but not when they use the Handee Band Kit! Kids love this game and when we gave it to kids at a school we donate to, the fun (and great exercise) was non-stop!

There are so many benefits to the Handee Band!

Using the Handee Band Fitness Band Kit in the classroom and at home, allows kids the opportunity to become more mindful of their body and their environment, help kids move, get exercise and brain breaks, increase strength, feel more confident, improve focus and attention and have fun while exercising and developing good healthy habits!

Handee Band Exercises can be used with the whole class or in small groups and as a family group exercise activity. Circle time, during centers, and between class table top activities, is a great time to spend only a few minutes getting kids the movement they need to increase oxygen to their body and mind.

Work out routinely as a family throughout the week. Teachers can show the class how to do a few of the exercises, and quickly, they remember the characters and want to do them again and again! Independently!

There are 15 easy to follow exercise cards in a ring holder, plus a spinner game board, dry eraseable checklist and marker and of course the 6 lb yellow fitness band!.

This is a game the whole family or class can play, or it can be used one-on-one too!

Our team loves to help keep kids fit, and this Handee Band is the ticket! Get your set today and let your kids know that adventure and fun is on the way!

Check out the Handee Band Exercise Fitness Kit here.  

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