Hatchling Curriculum Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

Hatchling Curriculum Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com 



Hatchling Curriculum Wins Parent and Teacher Choice Award

As teachers in school or parents teaching at home, we love to see curriculum as exceptional as this, and what’s even better, it is completely ready and done-for-you! Makes planning a breeze!

Hatchling Curriculum is a complete, ready-to-teach Pre-K and Kindergarten curriculum for children ages, 3-6.

We love that it includes weekly lesson plans, creative activities, projects, experiments, songs and much more!

Hatchling Curriculum is the brain child of Suzanne Suzanne Hieke, who has been an early childhood educator for over 25 years.

The lessons were originally created for her daughter, Shay, who wanted quality age-appropriate activities to teach her own daughter, Autumn.

Hatchling Curriculum is the perfect planning tool for individual, group, classroom, and homeschool learning and we know you’ll love it as much as we do!

Lessons integrate sensory and hands-on activities that children will love to explore.

For example, we took a look at “The Letter C”, one of the books in the curriculum, and found a full week’s worth of hands-on activities, science and printable templates. We love that each lesson begins with a song as well as the discussion topics to help kids think and discuss the lesson!

What our Parent and Teacher choice team loves is that the curriculum incorporates all aspects of learning, incredible creativity and fun as well!

These creative projects offer many individualized learning opportunities in language, math, science, art, and gross or fine motor skills.

Each lesson is developmentally appropriate for children ages three to six years and can be customized to accommodate the learning needs of an individual child.

Many activities have alternatives and extensions to develop the lessons concept or aid in its comprehension.

Most of the lesson’s activities only require some basic art supplies.

A list of any materials that are needed are itemized at the top of each lesson.

Each lesson begins with a song; most are traditional songs or use the tune from a well known song.

Discussion topics at the end of each lesson encourage children to think, discuss, and ask questions that are relevant to each topic.

Weekly themes include each letter of the alphabet, five senses, and seasonal thematic units.

Way to Go Hatchling Curriculum!

Hatchling Curriculum is the unanimous choice of the Parent and Teacher Choice Award from HowtoLearn.com

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